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About Us

At Nextup, we understand your need to optimize your workflow and reduce waste in your process. That's why we spend our days learning from our customers to understand your problems and frustrations and work to build solutions that you will love to use.

We believe the best way for us help our customers is to listen to your ideas and build our products based on your feedback. We keep our roadmap public and use our customer advisory board to gain critical input from our best customers.

Our Team

Mike Duff>

Mike Duff

Co-founder, CTO

Owns a re-chargeable water bottle.

Brian Mohr

Brian Mohr

Head of Product

Loves sailing, moves around yearly, thrives on restricted diets.

Logan Vantrease

Logan Vantrease

Customer Success Manager

Played professional ultimate frisbee, doesn't know what an API is.

Nick Cron

Nick Cron

Co-founder, CEO

Hosts a ping pong league, listens to browns podcasts in the offseason.

How we started

We were early adopters of Slack and we have been using Jira to manage projects for as long as we can remember. When we first came to Slack we were surprised to learn that integration to Jira was not available and decided to build an integration we could use ourselves.

After we built the product we thought other teams might want to us it and decided to release a public beta. We even built a fancy logo (see it here) and teams signed up for the beta from day 1. Paul Wozniak on product hunt then discovered us and was nice enough to submit our integration.

In March of 2017 we came out of beta and as they say, the rest is history. Today we have teams all sizes from all over the world using our products and most importantly telling us and the world that they love using them. Check out our reviews to see what people are saying.