Collaborate on Jira Projects Across Slack & Microsoft Teams

Elizabeth Batman

In the past two years, more companies than ever have shifted to a work-from-home culture, which meant they had to quickly adapt their software to meet their team’s needs. This rush to change meant that many companies are now using both Slack and Microsoft Teams internally. 

We see this often with our customers who use Jira Integration+. Their dev and product teams prefer using Slack, while the business and sales teams are using Microsoft Teams. This separation in how they work can lead to breakdowns in collaboration and delays in product delivery.

Many current customers have asked us if our tools are also available for Microsoft Teams. With the launch of Jira Integration+ for Teams, that is now a reality.

Jira Integration+ creates a powerful two-way connection between Jira and Slack/Microsoft Teams. But did you know that it also creates a way for teams to collaborate on projects across these three platforms? 

Because our tool creates a true two-way integration, any updates made in Jira are automatically communicated to users regardless of where they work - either Slack or Teams. 

So let's say a developer creates a ticket in Slack using the bug emoji. She assigns the ticket and sets its status. That update is automatically made in Jira, which triggers an alert to relevant users who are part of that workspace in BOTH slack and Microsoft Teams. 

The result? All relevant parties are able to stay up to speed on project status regardless of where they choose to work using Jira Integration+.

We see this cross-platform connection being especially important for roles like a Program Manager who has to manage multiple projects while also communicating status with business leaders. It’s likely that previously this person had to have a Slack workspace to communicate with the development team AND a Teams workspace to share updates with business or sales colleagues. 

With Jira Integration+, this person can now work where they choose, stop switching context, and stay up to speed on all their projects without switching context. As you can see, this change in how you work can result in massive time savings. 

If your company is in this position - using both Slack and Teams internally -  reach out to us to learn more about how you can bundle Jira Integration+ for both platforms to work more efficiently.

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