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Create JIRA Tickets in Slack with Dialogs

Managing Jira from Slack just got easier…

It is now easier than ever to manage JIRA from Slack with Nextup’s Jira Integration+

Back in March of 2017 we released an update for our popular integration between Slack and JIRA and introduced a way to create JIRA issues from Slack.

The response was clear — people wanted to use this feature. We quickly found the create issue feature was one of the most popular among our users. We also found that it was a little “techie” for some users.

Here is a comment we got on medium from Jonn Bobsta Bloomer

“I like it but there it’s geared for a non techie, would be great to have a form of interface for a less tech savvy user to interact with, great work though guys! Keep it up!”

Today we are releasing major improvements to that process utilizing the Slack Dialogs functionality. This is game changer for managing JIRA from Slack.

Now creating issues is truly interactive and easy for any team member.

The Process

Simply enter the following into a channel where the Nextup bot is present.

create issue <project key>

The bot will then respond asking you to select an issue type with a pre-loaded list of valid issues for that project + your permissions.

Select an issue type and the dialog appears allowing you to create the issue.

Complete the form and baam! Your new ticket is created.

Let’s do more — transitions, editing, comments, logging work

The dialog feature has also been integrated with our other popular functionality and we have released some new features based on dialog support.

Here is the new list of options:

  • Assign to myself — assign ticket to you
  • Transition — move the ticket based on the available workflow steps
  • Watch — add yourself as a watcher of the ticket
  • Adding comments — new option appears when ticket is returned allowing the user to select adding a comment. A dialog then appears to collect the user comment
  • Logging Time — select from a ticket response to add time and a dialog appears to enter your time and comment to the ticket
  • Editing Issues — this new feature allows you to edit and existing issue directly from Slack

What else?

This release includes a few other updates based on our feedback from our teams.

Creating Sub-tasks

Use the following process to create sub-tasks for your stories in JIRA.

create issue <issue key>

Sprints Support

We have added some basic support for sprints, this will allow you to easily see tickets based on what sprint they are in. This can be used in conjunction with scheduling to get a daily list of items in the current sprint.

  • Current Sprint by Name— this will return tickets included in the current sprint based on the sprint name
  • Current Sprint by Project — this will return tickets included in the current sprint for the project you specify.


You can now access your saved filters in JIRA via Slack. Just enter the filter name after the word filter.

A big thank you to all of the teams that participated in the beta version of this new release. The new functionality was far more complicated than originally expected and you did a great job helping us find and resolve issues.

We hope all of our teams take advantage of these new features and please continue to let us know ways we can make the best integration between Slack and JIRA better.

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