Finance Industry: Maintain Security with Slack to Jira Integrations

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One of the biggest growing sectors we’ve seen in our customer base this past year has been in the financial industry. Customers ranging from banks to hedge funds have capitalized on the massive benefits a two-way Slack and Atlassian integration can provide including time saved, improved collaboration and a more cohesive tech/dev organization.

However, the financial industry comes with its own set of pain points and concerns when it comes to using ChatOps. Decision factors like server vs cloud and heightened security measures are extremely important considerations for these customers when choosing the right integration pathway.

In this article we’ll examine the main benefits financial customers get from a two-way integration and how they can achieve this next level of efficiency without sacrificing the necessary security measures needed.

Server vs. Cloud Integration

One of the biggest differentiators for customers in the finance industry is that most require a solution that works with their server. For security and confidentiality reasons, the vast majority of businesses in this industry run on a self-hosted server, so it is essential that any integration works behind their firewall.

With most Chatops working only on the Cloud, the choices for server or data center customers is limited. Previously, the only option was to use Atlassian Jira Server Alerts, but with Nextup’s Jira Integration+ for Enterprise, companies that run on server now have another option. Jira Integration+ Enterprise edition is a secure, self-hosted solution for companies with internal security policies that prevent cloud apps.

Let’s see how it stacks up to the other leading integration.

Comparing Jira Integration+ to Atlassian Jira Server Alerts

Previously, the only option for companies using a self-hosted server was Atlassian’s Jira Server Alerts. The Atlassian Jira Server alerts provide only one-way, basic integration between Jira and Slack. This actually induces more context switching! Meaning a user would be alerted in Slack when an update was made to a ticket in Jira. However, the integration stopped there and true two-way alerts were not possible.

What exactly is a two-way alert? It means a user is not only alerted when a change is made in Jira, but they’re also alerted in Jira when a change is made to a ticket directly in Slack. A two-way integration unlocks the ability for users to do all their Jira work within Slack. This eliminates the need to switch context between Slack and Jira, which as you can imagine, has massive productivity benefits.

With Nextup’s Jira Integration+, users have access to true two-way functionality between Jira and Atlassian.

Here’s a closer look at how these two integration options compare:

Jira channel notifications
How to Integrate Slack and Jira While Meeting Security Needs

When looking at the functionality differences between these two integrations, it’s clear Jira Integration+ is the only option that creates a two-way connection between Slack and Jira that allows your team to take action from alerts.

How Jira Integration+ Enterprise for Server Works

Due to the elevated security measures most companies in the finance industry employ, Nextup decided to create a very hands-on customer experience for those who choose the self-hosted enterprise edition of JI+. Our simple, yet secure deployment process makes set up easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Delivery happens either via private self-hosted instance OR via private server model
  2. Our team provides hands-on configuration assistance during setup
  3. We offer remote support and training to help troubleshoot issues

Basically we take our existing culture of providing out-of-this-world customer support and elevate it with white-glove, always-available access to our team of experts. Once your integration is deployed, we continue to work with you to ensure bot functionality and your security needs are met.

Elevated Security Fit for Finance & Banking Needs

At Nextup we believe that keeping your data secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We’re transparent about our security practices so you understand our approach. You can read our full privacy and security policies here.

When you use Jira Integration+ Enterprise for server, you utilize secure connections based on OAuth security to connect Slack to Jira. All matching is done in memory and no logs are stored. Additionally, once deployed, our team has zero access to your credentials, data, or conversations.

Nextup is SOC2 Type2 compliant, HIPAA compliant and all of our team members go through annual security and privacy training. Our team provides comprehensive agreements to ensure legal compliance. The bottom line is, we believe keeping your data secure is our most important responsibility.

For businesses in the finance and banking world, finding a powerful Jira to Slack integration that also meets the required heightened security needs doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. With Jira Integration+, these companies can unlock true two-way integration that works seamlessly within internal security measures.

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