Introducing Jira Integration+ for Microsoft Teams!

Elizabeth Batman

2022 is going to be a huge year for new product launches at Nextup. We have four new products planned to launch in early 2022, with the first happening last week at Atlassian Team '22. Jira Integration+ for Microsoft Teams is officially live!

If you follow us on LinkedIn or get our emails, you've likely heard about this powerful two-way integration between Jira and Teams already. We've been anxiously awaiting for the new app to go live in the Atlassian and Microsoft Teams marketplaces and are excited to share that all systems are a go!

Jira Integration+ for Microsoft teams is the most powerful two-way integration on the market. Available for Jira Cloud, Server, or Data Center, Jira Integration+ for Teams streamlines your processes and automates your workflows so you can boost productivity and collaboration.

Here's are some highlights:

  • Collaborate on Jira Boards Directly from Teams. View, edit, and collaborate Jira boards in real-time to move projects forward faster.
  • Manage Tickets in Chats; End Context Switching. Create, assign, update, and close tickets directly from Teams so you never waste time switching to Jira.
  • Stay Focused With Custom Alert Settings. Get intelligent notifications in Teams and never sift through Jira emails again.
  • Update issues on the go to save time. Move projects along faster by managing Jira issues from your Teams mobile app.

We shared a full deep dive on what you can do within Jira Integration+ for Teams in this recorded live demo with CEO Nicholas Cron.

Through our conversations last week at Atlassian Team '22, we learned many enterprise companies are using Microsoft Teams exclusively or a mix of Teams and Slack. Rest assured, this is the first (of many) integrations we plan to launch for Microsoft Teams. Our plan is to launch our entire suite of integration apps for Teams in the near future.

We've had some of our Slack customers ask why this matters for them. Well we know that many organizations use both Slack and Teams across the different silos. Let's say your developers use Slack, but your finance team used Teams. With Jira Integration+ you can keep everyone aligned across both platforms.

Here's an example:

  1. A user in Slack updates a ticket
  2. That update is automatically made in Jira
  3. The change in Jira triggers an alert to relevant users across Slack and Microsoft Teams

We see many use cases for this type of cross-platform usage, from keeping developers and managers on the same page regarding project status, to using reoccurring Jira tickets to capture an audit trail for repeating processes across departments. If your organization is one that uses both Slack and Teams, reach out to us to learn more about how Jira Integration+ can break down communication barriers.

We are excited to bring Jira Integration+, which is already trusted by 750 organizations worldwide from large enterprises to small startups, to Microsoft Teams users. It is the ideal productivity tool for software developers, IT teams, Quality Assurance (QA) teams, and anyone that uses Jira. Plus studies show an integration like this can save everyone on your team two hours per week, which means more time for happy hour!

You can learn more about Jira Integration+ on our website, or start your free 14 day trial in the Atlassian and Teams marketplaces. Let us know what you think!

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