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Jira Server & Data Center with Slack

How and why 1,000s of teams are connecting Slack to Jira ServerN

Atlassian’s announcement on July 26th this year brought changes to the enterprise chat landscape that has had big impacts for many teams. The world of enterprise chat is changing and many teams are looking for the best solutions. Read more to find out about your options and the different choices you have.

The decision by Atlassian to partner with Slack and discontinue work on HipChat and Stride definitely caught us by surprise. We had just launched a deep integration between Jira and Stride and had been working closely with Atlassian teams on the release — check out the blog Atlassian wrote about it.To put it lightly, we were bummed.

Sliver Lining: We already had the best integration for Slack and Jira and now many new teams were looking for ways to connect.

Why teams are connecting

The advantages of a connected environment are clear to many teams but in case you haven’t thought about it we have included a list below based on discussions with our customers and prospects.

  1. Less Switching — The value of enterprise chat solutions in their current iteration is based on the coupling of solutions to streamline your process. With the right integration your team will be able to create, update, assign, comment, etc directly from Slack.
  2. Real Time Updates — Knowing when things change in real time helps to keep everyone informed and reduces lag in awareness across your team.
  3. Creating Issues — The ability to quickly create issues inline allows teams to keep moving and the simple process opens up issue creation to a greater number of users. The new support for custom fields helps with more complex Jira Server setups.
  4. Reduction of Jira Email — With smart alerts teams get notices in Slack when they need to take action in Jira and can do so directly from Slack.
  5. Service Desk Use Cases — Many teams are finding that using Slack as a mechanism to capture and inform users works nicely in their service desk use cases. Our compatibility with Jira Service Desk ensures everything works smoothly.
  6. Deep Integration — Teams coming from HipChat are excited and surprised to learn that Jira Integration+ does more and goes deeper than their integrations between HipChat and Jira.

Solving for Self-Hosted Jira Server

Providing a 2-way integration between Slack and Jira requires connectivity between Slack and your Jira instance. If you self host Jira Server you can sometimes run into issues with this connectivity based on your configuration.

The goods news is that these issues can typically be resolved with one of the following solutions.

  1. Whitelisting — Jira Integration+acts as a translation service between the Slack APIs and the Jira APIs. When messages come from Slack our service processes the message in memory and makes calls to Jira to get ticket information. If you have a self hosted Jira instance and whitelisting is an option you can simply whitelist our static IP addresses. Your firewall will see calls to Jira from the static IP on a specific URL and port and should allow the access. The ability to use specific IPs will work for many teams. Please contact us at to get our static IPs.
  2. Self-Hosted — If whitelisting is not on option for your team we offer a self hosted Slack Jira integration via our enterprise offering. The self hosted version is delivered via a docker container and you self host in your environment. This solution usually lives in your DMZ and communicates with Slack over an external proxy and with Jira Server via your internal network. In this model you also create a private Slack bot and we help with the setup.

Slack integration for Jira Data Center

Jira Integration+ connects to the native APIs within Jira via the standard application link process. This means that we are fully compatible with Jira Data Center and available for Data Center customers today.

The green light is coming shortly to be listed with official support via the Atlassian marketplace but you can start using the integration now.

What does Jira Integration+ do?

Once setup the integration provides a laundry list of features that tightly integrate the solutions.

Here is a quick video showing the solution:

Hopefully this helps you think about the advantages of strong integration between Jira Sever and Slack.

Whenever you are ready to improve or establish an integration check us out at