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JIRA Slack Integration: Version 2.3 Release Notes

Here’s how the best JIRA integration for Slack just got better

We have been busy lately working on new features, squashing bugs and updating our help documentation. Here’s what is new in version 2.3.

  • Message menus (i.e drop-downs) — Our teams love the ability to control JIRA from Slack and our buttons made it easy. You pointed out that they take up too much space on mobile so we consolidated them into the new Slack drop-down format.
  • What is this Scheduled Message?— Smarty pants use this feature a lot but we forgot to tell you what query is running when the scheduled message prints out. Oops, this is now fixed.
  • Scheduling when you want Now you can schedule a message on any day or time instead of selecting from a pre-determined list of options. Thank message menus for allowing us to give you more options.
  • Multi-Line Descriptions Teams like long descriptions on tickets that can span multiple lines in chats. This no longer confuses the bot.
  • Multi-Line Comments— Go ahead, leave a long comment, Nextup will get it on the ticket for you going forward.
  • Log that Time!— Fixed bug where time logs didn’t work correctly in some situations where decimals are used.
  • Performance— Things happened that make responses faster. We are working with Slack to figure out how to make then even faster in the future.

What’s Nextup?

Looking for input from you to determine what else would provide value for your team. We have ideas but don’t want to code in a bubble.

Here’s how you can help & share ideas:

  • tweet — nextupai
  • Add a comment below
  • Call us at 1–800-mix-a-lot
  • Visit our website —