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Managing JIRA from Slack with Nextup

A day in the life example

The Nextup JIRA bot is the deepest and most powerful integration between Slack and JIRA — lets see what our teams are doing with a quick use case.


Jenny and Shonda are taking over the Sales and Marketing project for their team. It has been a while since someone focused on this aspect of the business so the first thing they need to do is get organized.

First Steps

Jenny creates a channel in Slack “Sales n Marketing.” She invites Shonda and the Nextup JIRA bot to the channel.

Nextup automatically ads some information on how to use the bot and links to the commands section of for all the details.

Project Summary

Jenny and Shonda need to know where the previous group left off on the project so they ask Nextup for a summary by project.

They do this with “project SM” — where SM = project code in JIRA

Assigning and Transitioning Issues

Now that Jenny and Shonda see the current state they use the “Choose and option…” button at the bottom to expose the additional actions they can take on these tickets.

They choose to expand the ticket actions and now they can update any of the tickets that are returned in the search. They can transition, assign, watch or vote for each ticket by using the dropdown.

Creating Tickets and Commenting

After the clean up via Nextup is completed they decide there are some missing issues so they use Nextup Jira to create some new tickets.

Jenny creates a few issues and at the same time Shonda adds a comment to an existing ticket. Nextup provides feedback inline to confirm the actions happened successfully.

Logging Work

Jenny also decides to use Nextup to log her time to tickets, no need to open up JIRA she can do that inline in the channel with a simple chat.

Advanced Queries and Scheduled Messages

Nextup allows Jenny to run a JQL (jira query language) search to find any result set from JIRA and return it to Slack. In this case she looks for tickets in this project that are to do and created within 24 hours.

She wants to get this update daily so she uses the scheduled feature to return tickets matching this query each day into this channel. She does this with a simple option in the dropdown.

The End

This example shows the power of a true integration between Slack and JIRA and hopefully provides some ideas to the 1,000s of teams using the bot to manage their JIRA instance from Slack.

If your team is looking to do more with JIRA from Slack please feel free to join us on the free 30 day trail —

Thanks for reading!

Mike Duff

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