New Auto-Response Enhancements to HelpDesk+

Elizabeth Batman

We are excited to announce today that we have released massive enhancements to the auto-response functionality within HelpDesk+ for Slack. 

HelpDesk+ has brought service desks into the future by allowing agents to provide world-class support without leaving Slack. With the release of our new auto-response enhancements, it's even easier for users to help themselves.

We know in today's work environment, it's more important than ever to provide solutions that help you stay on task and to work more efficiently. This rings especially true for internal support teams who are often pulled in multiple directions. 

That’s why we’ve prioritized developing new ways to utilize ai to identify common support questions, provide customizable answers, and integrated with your wiki within the HelpDesk+ app.

Now it’s easier than ever to empower users to solve their own questions while freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues. Here’s how it works:

Custom Keyword and Phrase Triggers

Support teams now have the ability to create custom keywords that will trigger an automatic relevant response. Key words or phrases like “wifi” or “reset password” can be predetermined based on your most commonly asked questions.

If the user uses the triggering phrase in a Slack message, the custom auto response type will be displayed instead of the channel default settings. Any number of phrases can be set for each support channel in Slack, giving agents full control over the types of issues they want to have HelpDesk+ auto-respond. 

Automatically Provide Relevant Support Answers in Slack

When a user sends a message in a Slack support channel that includes one of the trigger words, they will automatically be shown a custom response. We wanted to make sure support agents were able to customize and control the messages that are sent to a user so every auto-interaction would be successful. 

We included fields for a custom message that allows links and formatting as well as an option to create a button that directs a user to create a certain issue type, so no questions are left unanswered. 

Deeper integration with your wiki

We know our customers likely have a large database of support docs, so we set out to create a simple way for users to get connected to this knowledge base without agent assistance. 

The final piece of the puzzle is to take the auto-answer functionality one step further, by giving agents the ability to create a custom link button in the auto-response that links to a help doc in their wiki. 

This custom button field allows users to find relevant answers to their questions all on their own, so agents are able to focus on more important tasks.

We launched these auto-response enhancements to HelpDesk+ last week and have already gotten a great response from our customers. We think these new features can be a game-changer for agents and users who utilize support in Slack.

If you’re interested in a demo or what to learn more about HelpDesk+ and auto-responses, reach out any time!

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