Data Residency Offerings

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Our users have always been able to choose where they’d like their data hosted, but let us explain why data residency offerings are important to us.

Let’s begin by defining data residency – “the storage of personal information within a particular region where that data is processed in accordance with the laws, customs, and expectations of that specific region”.

Today, we support data residency in Germany, Japan, and Sydney. Why these locations specifically? Different countries practice different laws. What’s considered an “acceptable use of personal information” varies from country to country. “Acceptable” business practices in a data center outside of Dallas, Texas could be considered controversial in Frankfurt.

Security is important to us. The aforementioned locations all adhere to some of the most stringent data protection laws in the world. We selected the countries that make the most sense for our customers. Slack is wildly popular in Germany and Japan, whereas Atlassian is based in Sydney. Proximity is nice. can also support both SaaS and private server models in our data residency regions.

Our team doesn’t just talk about privacy and security. We put our money where our mouth is. All the tools are backed through an independent security audit performed by Ohio-based accounting firm GBQ. This multi-month audit resulted in our successful completion of the Service Organization Control (SOC 2) Type I examination. Our team covered three evaluation categories in the SOC 2 Audit – Security, Confidentiality, and Availability.

Our security measures also fall within the EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield. These are mechanisms that ensure participating American companies meet the EU and Swiss requirements for transferring personal data to other countries.

If you aren’t interested in data residency, you should be. Regional differences are changing. GDPR is proof of that. We make privacy decisions to accommodate a range of enterprise companies’ increasingly regional security requirements.

We do all this to help your enterprise sleep better at night

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