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Now Available: Self-Hosted Jira Slack Integration

Integrate Jira Server with Slack

Teams of all sizes are looking to deeply integrate Slack with Jira. We know based on the 7,500+ teams have signed up for our integration at

It is also true that many teams run self-hosted Jira Server instances with no access to the internet. These deployments are common in large enterprises or tightly controlled environments. Let’s face it — not all companies are ready for cloud or have decided to migrate.

Now there is a solution for these teams with our on premise jira slack integration.

Wait.. Aren’t you guys a SaaS Company?

Yes, we created our team with the idea that we would sell strictly cloud based subscriptions at a ridiculously low price point of $0.50 per user / per month. The plan was to get 10,000+ companies signed up and we are happy to say we are getting closer to that goal.

We will 100% take subscriptions via our secure cloud deployment from any team looking to sign up quickly and easily.

So then why offer self-hosted?

We take our guidance from our customers. The demands and requests that come in from current customers and prospects help us shape our roadmap. We know that what we think people want what they actually want are not always the same.

How does it work?

Our self-hosted version is delivered via a docker container. We provide assistance with the setup process of our solution on your server. Once setup we don’t have any access to your system or data.

What kind of license? Is it user based?

The self-hosted solution provides an enterprise wide license for an unlimited number of users or Slack teams within a single organization.

Want to learn more?

Start with an email to our team at or sign up for one of our weekly demos.