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Slack Integration for Jira Data Center

Now available in Atlassian marketplace

We are happy to announce the official release of Jira Integration+ for Slack and Jira Data Center — available today in the Atlassian Marketplace

This release comes just in time for many teams migrating from HipChat to Slack based on the end of life of HipChat on February 15, 2019.

“Really like this integration. Like several other people, we moved a few months ago from HipChat to Slack for team communication. This JIRA integration is full-featured and makes updating JIRA issues lightning fast, right where we live, in Slack. Deb Cinkus, CEO at Polished Geek

Like your HipChat Integration — only much better

With Jira Integration+ teams migrating from HipChat will find the features they are used to having in HipChat available on their Slack team along with an extensive list of new features to utilize.

Connect Jira issue to Slack channel

Discuss Jira issues in Slack and join or create Slack channels from the Jira issue details screen.

Notifications in Slack for Jira updates

Configure when you want to be notified in Slack when things change in Jira. Use the GUI to make the setup easy or switch to JQL mode to get advanced. This feature creates a web hook in Jira for you so administrators are no longer required to manage hooks for the team.

Tested with 1,000s of hooks as part of the Data Center approval process.

Unfurl issues in Slack

Mention issues in Slack and get info from Jira. With Jira Integration+ you can take action right from the response.

Create issues from Slack

Use Jira Integration+ to create issues right from Slack.

Transition, assign, comment, log work from Slack

Take action by assigning, commenting, watching, editing or logging work.

Search for Jira issues by user, sprint or project

Search for what you need from Jira. Built in commands for projects, sprints and JQL support to find anything you need. Combine with scheduled messages to search for what you need and repeat at a schedule you choose.

Banned Projects

Configure the projects that you don’t want going into Slack and they never show up via Jira Integration+

Important: Jira Integration+ fully supports Jira permissions and users can only see projects based on Jira permissions. This is a full stop override.

Global installation

Jira Integration+ uses an application link to connect to Jira’s REST APIs. Your administrator creates the connection one time and everyone can use the bot.

When users take action on issues the bot gets user based OAuth data to create accurate attribution in Jira. The result is identical to actions performed directly in Jira.

Jira permissions respect

The use of the Jira APIs with user authentication means your permissions in Jira are respected by the bot. Users can’t look at projects they can’t access in Jira and can’t take actions they are not allowed to take.

Keep in mind how Slack works and understand some specific use cases on our help docs.

Real, Live Support

We pride ourselves on providing over-the-top support for our customers. Visit our help docs, chat us up on intercom or email us and we respond and care.

No long waiting list of forum to not get what you need here.

Open to your ideas and suggestions

We keep a backlog public and love to hear your ideas for improvements. The release of Data Center support was one of them. Check out the backlog to see what we are working on next.

“Best Slack integration for Jira out there! Very robust, works well, it simple to use and has increased our overall productivity. The guys at Nextup are also very friendly and easy to work with as well. Very much recommend if you’re looking to integrate Jira in with Slack. Blake Morris, SaaS Operations at Workiva

How to get started

Add our Jira add-on to your Data Center instance to start your free 30-day trial. Once added the system will guide you through the process of setting up your Jira Integration+ bot in Slack.

Thanks for your time! Looking forward to your feedback!

Now get back to work…