Sneak Peek at Nextup’s New Product Pipeline

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When you’re working in a startup environment, it’s crucial to keep innovation at the top of your priority list. But the key is to make sure the innovation is designed to meet customer needs. We regularly meet with our most engaged customers to hear from them about what features and new products they want created. This feedback drives our new product and feature pipeline.

This summer, our team has been working at an insane clip to bring new innovation to our product pipeline. In the next two months alone we plan to launch three new products to the Nextup portfolio. These projects were chosen with a few goals in mind: 1. solve pain points for our customers, 2. expand our reach to new platforms and audiences and 3. to find new ways to boost collaboration and productivity in the workplace.

Here is a sneak peek at the three new products from that will be launching this fall.

Jira+ and HelpDesk+ for Teams

Yes, the rumors are true. Jira Integration+ and HelpDesk+ will soon be available for Microsoft Teams. We’ve repeatedly heard from customers that many organizations utilize both Slack and Teams, and a integration was needed for the Teams side of the coin.

The Teams integration will offer similar functionality that Jira+ currently has in Slack, but within Teams. If your IT or development teams use MS Teams, you’ll be able to create, assign, manage and resolve issues all within Teams without ever switching context to Jira. The look and feel is a bit different between Jira+ on Slack vs Teams, but the functionality remains very similar.

We are really excited about launching on Teams and think this is going to help boost our customers productivity and collaboration even more. You can check out a quick demo of Jira+ on Teams in the video below and sign up here to be alerted on launch day.


As you know, we are all about saving you time and one of the main ways we do this is by eliminating the need for switching context. We have heard from a lot of customers that they love not having to do the “tab tango” between Jira and Slack, but they still have to spend time switching over to confluence.

Enter Docs+. This new product is designed to allow you to edit confluence documents from within Slack – eliminating the need to switch between platforms. Docs+ is your new best friend when it comes to creating, editing and sharing wikis in confluence as it can all be managed within Slack.

Check out the demo of Docs+ below and stay tuned for more about the go-live for this new product.


Lets face it, meetings are the worst. Often they’re unorganized, overly long and unproductive. With Meetings+, we are aiming to make all meetings run efficiently and effectively.

Meetings+ uses ai to make your meetings extremely useful. It will help take the burden off your teams by automatically pinging your team for updates, creating a smart agenda, compiling team notes during the call and organizing next steps & deadlines into a meeting summary. Meetings+ will help keep your team on the same page as everyone can see and edit meetings notes within a Slack channel or even just use emojis to react to next steps.

We see Meetings+ as the innovation needed to revolutionize how meetings are run. Whether that’s your daily scrum meeting or an all-hands strategy call, Meetings+ takes the onus off your team to keep your meetings organized.

As you can see, we’ve been a little busy this summer. Our development team is charging full steam ahead to bring you innovative products to help make your team more productive than ever. Sign up for our email list to be one of the first to know when we launch Teams, Docs+ and Meetings+ this fall.

Of course, if you’d like a sneak peek demo, you can always reach out to customer success team ( to get set up with a beta demo of any of these three products.

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