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Study: Integrating Your Service Desk with Slack Can Boost Your Bottom Line

slack service desk integration

It’s no secret that when your service team is functioning optimally, it can have a massive impact on your overall success as a company. When users are able to get quick, clear answers to their requests it results in less wasted time, boosted productivity and better employee satisfaction.

The way service desks operate have dramatically changed since the pandemic, with more people working remotely than ever before. IT teams have quickly had to figure out how to best provide support using online tools. In the best cases, this shift has resulted in a streamlined workflow that is user friendly. In the not-so-great cases, it’s involved multiple ticketing systems, bogged down email inboxes and disjointed communication.

A recent Forrester Consulting study by Slack shows the massive impact that bringing your service desk workflow into Slack can have. The study surveyed and interviewed service team leaders and professionals around the world who use Slack over the course of three years and the results were staggering:

  • Saw a 294% return on their investment in Slack
  • Increased revenue by $967,300 due to improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced average ticket handle time by 10.7% and escalations by 17.4%
  • Cut the cost per ticket by 15.1% 
  • Internally, service teams improved employee satisfaction, coaching and culture

The monetary impact of using Slack for your service desk communication is clear. When you combine the power of Slack with a two-way integration with Jira, like HelpDesk+ provides, the benefits are even more obvious. In fact, the ability to swarm issues with your team inside Slack without ever having to switch context to Jira can save each member of your team up to two hours per week — that’s a whole lot of extra productivity.

If this study alone hasn’t convinced you to adopt a Slack-first approach to support, Slack recently created this Slack for service teams ROI Estimator, which can help determine the exact ROI for your organization. 

Beyond the time saving and monetary boosts of using Slack to manage your service desk, the other main benefit is increased user satisfaction. We saw this recently with our HelpDesk+ customer iRobot. Once they shifted their IT service to be in Slack, they noticed a behavior shift in their users due to an improved experience.

Prior to integration we were seeing about 15% of our tickets were generated through Slack… now we’re closer to 40 – 50% of our tickets being generated there. It’s helped us meet our users where they already are, which is in Slack.” reports Evn Tomeny, Senior Manager of Enterprise Collaboration.

If your service desk is still operating using a mix of various ticketing tools, knowledge bases and communication platforms to address issues, you are likely not maximizing your monetary and productivity opportunities. The ability to manage issues within Slack, without ever switching context, is the key to unlocking your service team’s full potential. 

Using Slack is just the first step to true service desk success. A two-way Slack to Jira integration, like HelpDesk+, that gives your team the ability to manage issues within Slack, without ever switching context, is the key to unlocking your service team’s full potential. 

The way your service desk operates has been forever changed with the shift to working remotely. The most successful organizations know that the old ways of providing support fall short in this new workplace culture. 

The good news is that the new technology provided by Slack and HelpDesk+ will not only catapult your service team to new success, but as the study shows, they will also pay for themselves several times over. 


Liz Batman