Thread Mode — Making Slack friendlier for Jira

Logan Vantrease

Thread Mode Making Slack friendlier for Jira

Bots can be chatty and intrusive. We believe there is a better way, so we’ve introduced Thread Mode in Slack.

Thread Mode in Slack

Integrate the tools you use every day — it will reduce your need to switch between apps you frequently use (in this case Slack and Jira). According to Slack’s global survey of 17,000 knowledge workers, the average each employee spends 130 hours a year simply switching between apps.

With our new Thread Mode, you get all the information you need without wasting space in your channels. Check the feature out now!

How it works

Jira Integration+ provides two-way integration between Slack and Jira for customers running the Data Center, Server and Cloud versions of the software.

The integration works by keeping users informed when things change in Jira and makes it easy to provide updates and track new work. The new Thread Mode keeps the same level of integration but really solves the problem of bot noise in channels.

When Thread Mode is configured the bot creates one message each day. Further communication will exist as replies. Just check the message thread to see a comprehensive update history from the day. Our favorite new feature is the summary block. This single touchpoint will provide a synopsis of the day’s updates.

The message above updates each time a new notification/reply is delivered to the channel. It categorizes accordingly.

Say goodbye to bot messages that make you scroll several times to access the channel’s conversation. Bot messages can and should be minimalist. If you eliminate the bot messages in the middle of your channel, you end up with a more compact space.

Jira Integration+ provides two-way integration

To view the details of the updates – simply expand the thread to access the replies. The information in this thread can be viewed whenever you please and it provides a succinct daily summary that can be helpful later.

Turn on Thread Mode by going to your channel settings — use the new /jira-plus manage slash command for a button to manage your configuration.

On the channel configuration page go to the Delivery Frequency section in the lower left and change your output format to thread. Then pick the timezone for the majority of your team.

That’s it! Your bot will begin sending daily updates instead of inline notifications.

We don’t suggest this mode for subscription channels like #ops-alerts #prod-alarms #sercurity, or any channel where immediate notification is crucial. This feature is configurable by channel. Each team can choose to opt in/out based on their preferences for notifications.

Threaded Actions

You can also globally configure your bot to respond in a thread when users assign, transition, comment, or create new Jira issues from Slack.

Threaded Actions - Slack

To configure this preference login to your account and head to settings and enable thread mode.

What we’ve noticed testing and using thread mode

We have been testing and personally using Thread Mode in our office. It’s really cleaned up our channels — and now it can do the same for yours.

Here’s an example: this is how one could handle failed payments in Slack:

  1. Subscription renewal fails due to expired cards, funds, etc.
  2. Stripe sends a message to our channel #failed-payment
  3. We use our Slack action to create an issue in Jira
  4. We work with the customer to get new payment information
  5. Comments are added to the issue via the bot once the customer is contacted, new payment is provided, etc.

This process allows us to track our functional processes of working with customers on our board in Jira. We don’t actually interact within Jira but Jira acts as a repository of historical information in this case.

Thread mode - Jira

Before Thread Mode, the channel would get a bit messy with all the updates. Thread Mode keeps everything compact and significantly increases the readability of your information.

What’s next

If you have not used Jira Integration+ and want to give it a try, check out our website to begin your free 30-day trial.

If you already have Jira Integration+, log in to your account to set your global configurations (or access your channel configurations), then select Thread Mode under Notifications.

Thanks for checking our new Thread Mode. Let us know what you think!

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