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Compatible with Jira Server and Cloud.

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Jira Slack integration that makes managing Slack from Jira easy.

What do over 5,000 teams have in common?

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They understand the need for deep integration between Slack and Jira.

See how easy it is to manage Jira…
Without ever leaving Slack!

How does Jira Integration+ make your life easier?

Nextup JIRA connects your Slack instance to JIRA and creates a seamless communication channel between your chats and issues.

Jira Integration+ watches for ticket references in channels.

Auto-Enhancing Conversations

Invite the bot to your chats and it will notice references to JIRA tickets and automatically get the latest info from JIRA and respond in your chat.

  • Always helping implementation
  • No commands to remember
  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • Easy to add to channels

Create Issues from Slack

Don’t leave to create that ticket. Stay in Slack and create your JIRA issue directly. While your at it assign to someone or share your ideas via a comment or attach an image to the ticket.

  • Quick issue create
  • Attach files
  • Inline confirmation

Create Jira issues right from Slack with Nextup
Transition Jira issues from Slack directly.

Manage Everything

Manage JIRA tickets without ever leaving Slack. Add comments, transition, assign, mark as completed, watch, vote and more. Stay in Slack and save 10 seconds a ticket.

  • Simple Actions Dropdown
  • Avoid switching context
  • Keep everyone informed

Schedule Messages

Get daily summaries, tickets assigned to you, latest bugs or anything you want from the bot. With a few clicks schedule the same query to run at a frequency you decide.

  • Scheduling Flexibility
  • Works in Channels or Direct Chat
  • Use JIRA JQL to find anything

Scheduled Jira messages in Slack keep everyone informed

The best thing about Nextup is you can create a ticket and upload screenshots in seconds right from Slack. Great customer support! The bot is quite impressive! Every startup, entrepreneur, solopreneur should consider using Nextup with Slack. Must have!

Rajeev S

Assuming it takes 10 seconds to copy a Jira issue ID out of slack, switch to the browser, and navigate (manually — yuck) to that issue URL, we save 10 seconds number of issue mentions number of affected people in the team each day. Well worth the price

Zack S

Being able to condense quick cards or placeholders into a single sentence command is great for adding feature and bug cards during testing/retrospective discussions. Being able to quickly see an issue summary when discussing with team mates is very helpful.

Anthony A

Saves me about an hour a day logging tickets, adding and viewing comments. And it completely overhauled our Bug reporting / logging process for the non-technical members of my team. Instead of telling me 50 bugs a day, they use a simple slack command to log them.

Benjamin P

We love Nextup and use in all our channels. It’s a breeze to log time against an issue with quick access across all our numerous projects. Our teams enjoy the features of sharing tasks, transitioning them through the workflow, assigning and logging hours – all in the context of an ongoing discussion.

Heidi H