Premium Plans based on Slack team size.

Free 30 day trial – No credit card. Automatically go to free plan after trial.

< 10 Slack Users


for life

Small teams
11-499 Slack Users


per user / per month

Growing teams
500+ Slack Users


per month

Large teams

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Private Jira Server Instance? Check out Enterprise

Built to serve the special needs of large organizations.
Offering self-hosted private instances with enterprise wide licenses and unlimited Slack and Jira users.

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Compatible with Jira Cloud and Server
Chat directly with the bot
Always on
Get 'in-channel' ticket information by mentioning @nextup-Jira
Get 'in-channel' ticket information automatically
Create Jira issues from Slack
Tickets by User, Project, Sprint
Scheduled Messages
Transition Issues
Log Time
Jira Permissions
Premium Support

Things people ask...

How do you determine the number of users?

We check Slack for active users before each billing date and bill based on currently active users. You receive a copy of the invoice each month. If you have any issue contact us at

Do I have to pay to try?

Enjoy all the Jira + Slack integration features we offer for 30 days, afterwards you will be switched to using our free bot with a limited feature set.  Lets get started!

How are payments secured?

We have partnered with Zoho to provide a PCI compliant secure payment solution. You can learn about the payment security at Zoho here. Payment data is never stored on Nextup servers.

Is there a free plan?

Yes. You can enjoy a limited set of Jira + Slack integration features for free. The free features allow you to get information from Jira on a per ticket bases in channels and by directly messaging Nextup, view all the differences.

Can I update my billing contact?

Yes, please login to your account and select your premium bot and then fill out the form to updated or edit your billing contact.

How do I update my credit card?

Please login to your account and fill out our form to request a payment update. We will then send you a secure page to allow update of payment information.

What about an enterprise version?

We have options for larger organization from private servers, self hosted, non-credit card payment options and more. Contact us at to discuss your enterprise requirements.

Why does pricing stop at 500 users?

Teams with over 500 users are charged for first 500 users only. We understand that not all users within your Slack team may use the bot and we want to encourage larger organizations to use the solution.

What about students and nonprofits?

Nextup supports students, nonprofits and charities. Contact support at for details around how we can help you!

What if our Jira is behind a firewall?

Nextup requires access to the Jira APIs to function. We have two options if your Jira is behind a firewall. You can either whitelist our static IP address or we can discuss options via our Enterprise edition.

What is your refund or satisfaction policy?

In short we do everything we can to ensure you are happy. We believe our customer satisfaction policy is very user friend. We hope you agree – read the full policy here

What about other chat programs not Slack?

We are considering adding our solution to Microsoft Teams, Atlassian Stride, Facebook Workplace, Google Hangouts Chat and other chat programs. If you want us to add one of these or some other program let us know.