Connect Stride to Jira

Create, View and Manage your Issues from Stride

Made for Jira Server & Cloud

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How will it help me?

Steamline your process and take action from your chats.

Quick create a task during your scrum.

create issue from stride with quick create

Click Edit to fill in the details

update issue to fill in details

Keep your day moving!

confirm issue changes

What else can the Jira Stride Integration do?

Nextup JIRA Integration+ connects your Stride instance to JIRA Server and Cloud and creates a seamless communication channel between your chats and tickets

Take Quick Actions

Invite the bot to your chats and it will notice references to JIRA tickets and automatically get the latest info from JIRA and respond in your chat.

Quickly Create Issues

Don't switch to create your issues. Log them directly from Stride in seconds. Easily enhance issues with attached images and files.

  • Issue quick create
  • Inline confirmation
  • Attach images and files

Get Notified

Push messages to channels when tickets are created, transitioned, assigned, commented and more. Know in Stride seconds after and issue is updated in Jira.

  • Easy configuration process
  • Detailed filtering with JQL
  • Real-Time notifications

Update Issues

Take full control by managing issues right from Stride. Update descriptions, add comments, log work, assign tasks, and much more.

  • No Context Switch
  • Saves time
  • Makes it easy to keep updated

One Time Configuration

Setup Jira Integration+ one time for all your projects and channels. Keep everything secure with user based authentication.

  • One Time setup process
  • Tightly secured with OAuth

How to use Jira Integration+ for Stride

@jira+ create setup laptop for Bob Smith
creates issue in default project / type
@jira+ create-bug JS errors from plugin
creates issue in default project of variable type
@jira+ create-bug-devops performance degradation
creates issue variable project of variable type
@jira+ project DEVOPS
Issues from project by priority
@jira+ project DEVOPS jenny.jones
Issues by user for project
@jira+ sprint current
Issues from current sprint in default project
@jira+ my issues
issues assigned to you
@jira+ commment MKT-1012 Are we close on this one?
adds comment to issue
@jira+ log 2h DEVOPS-1029
log time to issue
@jira+ assign SAL-1902 jenny.jones
assign issue to user