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The push for constant collaboration

Just two years ago, there was zero communication standard across the growing employee base of over 3,000. Teams were using a variety of communication tools like Skype, WhatsApp and Hipchat.

With teams using different tools, complications arose and issues slipped through the cracks. Jira was still sending email updates but the volume of messages was becoming overwhelming. A better solution was needed.

The migration to Slack was not happening overnight and Cloudera needed an app that would help users understand the power of Slack.

That’s when Cloudera decided to turn to Jira Integration+.

"When you add up the time savings for each employee the collective impact is huge. "

Cesar Duran

Devin Parker

Content & Collaboration Strategy and Tools Manager

Finding the right noise to focus ratio

Constant collaboration can be a double-edged sword, if it’s not managed carefully. For managers to effectively lead their teams, they need to be plugged into developers work at all times. However, if developers are to work efficiently, it’s important to avoid disruptions to their workflow (i.e. - giving constant updates to their managers).

Jira Integration+ bridges the gap between this dissonance. Developers and managers can now create Jira tickets with a Slack group. Instead of switching between open tabs and copying Jira links into emails, updates can be relayed in a matter of seconds.

Nonstop emails that interrupt workflow are replaced with customizable notifications with Jira Integration+. Cloudera employees can manage their notifications on a granular level instead of falling victim to constant emails about non-vital issues.

Jira Integration+ also allows users to bundle common notifications so that they are received at timed intervals. You can customize these settings so that specific and vital notifications will still arrive instantly.

Streamline Communication


Teams can now keep up with projects without interrupting current works in progress. As developers can now easily update stakeholders on particular JIRA issues, managers get to track milestones without disrupting the workflow of their employees. This transparency facilitates unparalleled managerial peace of mind.

Key Results:

  • 150,000 hours saved each year
  • 3,000 employees using globally
  • Enterprise private server deployment

Jira Integration+ has reduced inbox noise in a way that email filters can only strive to reach. For Cloudera, there is now significantly less inbox noise while triaging important issues. Slack notifications save most workers 1 to 1.5 hours a week.

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