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The need to keep things moving

As a SaaS company, MediaMath needed its development team to operate at the highest level. The company prides itself on delivering higher return on investment for lower level of effort—this goes for both clients and employees. Employees on different continents were constantly copying and pasting links to Jira so they could communicate and stay on the same page. It wasn’t an efficient use of time or resources.

MediaMath had tried two other Jira integration tools before, but neither of them could meet the organization’s needs. They were non-intuitive and the adoption rate across the company was poor. Inboxes were full. Developers and IT employees were bombarded with emails and notifications by the minute. The noise was beginning to affect productivity.

"Jira Integration+ has reduced the amount of missed or delayed issues to zero."

Cesar Duran

Cesar Duran

Jira Administrator

Finding the right solution

Determined to solve the problem, the Jira administrator at MediaMath searched for a highly rated and powerful integration. He found Jira Integration+. The ability to instantly create issues from Slack, while keeping all the communication and activity in one place, was especially helpful.

The team was a fan of their newfound ability to configure user notifications. Messages could now be scheduled to match detailed filters— a serious time-saver. Additionally, the ability to set notification intervals made it easy to stay on task and reduce the noise. Now, MediaMath could prevent issues from falling through the cracks.

Channel notifications in Slack for Jira issues


Since downloading Jira Integration+, over 300 employees of MediaMath now use the application directly. The intuitive user experience is continually garnering adoption throughout the company. Users actively utilize Jira Integration+ to configure channels, optimize their filter settings, and streamline their workflows.

Key Results:

  • 300x increase in adoption
  • Utilized by employees across 4 continents
  • Zero missed tickets or delays

Employees are no longer bombarded with Jira emails. Instead, developers and IT employees at MediaMath can enter a direct conversation on Slack and see all the pertinent notifications in one place. With the ability to filter out less time-sensitive or urgent tasks, employees at MediaMath have said they now only need to disrupt their workflow for notifications that really matter. Jira Integration+ has improved productivity and accuracy, with fewer tickets and items getting bottlenecked.

About MediaMath

MediaMath’s technology and services help brands and agencies deepen customer relationships to achieve powerful performance with less effort. The company is on a mission to restore transparency and purity to the industry with a commitment to create a fully accountable and addressable media supply chain by the end of 2020. MediaMath created the first software for real-time media buying in 2007 and today works with over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 and more than 3,500 brands.

MediaMath has 750 employees in 16 different offices. Their company is distributed across the world with locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. As is the case in any international company, it can be challenging to communicate effectively when teams work in time zones that rarely overlap.