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Bringing Structure to Rebellion Defense’s HelpDesk

"I spend a lot less time having to search in our IT channel for people asking for help because I can just reference my tickets now."

Jonathan Ahkondi

Senior IT Solutions Engineer

Rebellion Defense works to strengthen national security through modern technology. When their internal IT team needed help adding structure and organization to their ticketed system, they looked for a Slack integration with Jira.

Previously Rebellion was solely using a dedicated Slack channel to manage IT requests, but that channel quickly became difficult for the IT team to keep up with. They decided to roll out Jira Service Management, but also knew they needed a solution to integrate with Slack since their company mainly worked there. They quickly found HelpDesk+ and decided to roll both software out at the same time to their users.

“I was sold immediately. From a face value, HelpDesk+ was exactly what I wanted for our company," said Jonathan Ahkondi, Senior IT Solutions Engineer at Rebellion Defense

Onboarding Users New to Both Jira and HelpDesk+

While some of their users had worked in Jira before, the roll out of Jira Service Management and HelpDesk+ was a brand new interface for Rebellion Defense. Users had to be onboarded for both platforms and quickly learn how they integrate without disrupting their usual workflow.

“I knew it had to be simple, it had to be easy to read, easy to use and it was. It was all of that and more. So I would say the feedback at rollout was 95% positive from users,” said Ahkondi.

The Nextup team provided real-time support during the roll out using dedicated Slack connect channels to answer any questions. 

“As soon as we connected on Slack with the technical team at Nextup, they were so quick to assist with anything that came up,” said Ahkondi. “That made a huge difference, because if we had rolled out this new tool and there had been some issues that weren’t being addressed quickly, I think that we would have turned a lot of people off to the tools. So I really champion that technical team at Nextup because I think they were responsible for how successful it was.” 

Simple Interface, Big Benefits

After rollout, adoption of Jira Service Management and HelpDesk+ grew quickly. The Rebellion team noted continuously that they appreciated how simple HelpDesk+ made it for their users to use the new Jira ticketing system because it met them where they already preferred to work - in Slack. 

“Jira in itself can be overwhelming - there are a lot of options, a lot of fields. So the simplicity of the ticket template and the workflow HelpDesk+ provides to me is the biggest benefit. It was the biggest thing that I knew my users were going to appreciate,” said Ahkondi. 

While Rebellion Defense users are still learning about all of the features available in HelpDesk+, they say that simply being able to create a ticket from a Slack message has already dramatically improved their process.

“I would definitely say that the ability to right click on a message, go to the Slack actions and create a ticket right then and there has been one of the greatest functionalities that we’ve benefited from,” said Ahkondi. 

Transforming the Approval Process

How we do approvals in HelpDesk+ is often a feature that isn’t high on our customer’s radar until they begin using it and realize how beneficial it can be to their business. This was the case with Rebellion Defense, but they now say approvals in HelpDesk+ have been a game changer. 

“Being able to do all approvals within Slack has been amazing. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from folks saying ‘I’ve seen so many different versions of approval processes at large companies, small companies and I haven’t seen anyone do it in this fashion yet. It’s so efficient.’ So it’s been really big,” said Ahkondi.

For Slack-centric companies, like Rebellion Defense, being able to bring the approval process - from creation to approval - into Slack makes the entire process move much faster. What was previously time wasted spent sifting through emails, becomes a quick button click on a Slack alert. 

“From a managerial standpoint no one wants to open up their inbox and see 25 pending approvals they have to sift through,” said Ahkondi. “From that aspect, the Slack version of this has really made a huge difference in just timelines.”


Since they did not have an official ticketing system in place prior to rolling out HelpDesk+, Rebellion Defense did not have a lot of metrics to measure success against. However they have seen some key benefits since beginning to use HelpDesk+ with Jira. 

  • Less Missed Tickets

“Before, if someone posted asking for help and then the IT Slack channel blew up with messages, I might miss a ticket. I might miss someone asking for help, but with HelpDesk+ that doesn’t happen now.”  - Jonathan Ahkondi

  • Better User Experience

“Anything that comes as a Slack message that you can instantly action on is going to be better received than an email notification because here, it’s Slack or bust.” - Jonathan Ahkondi

  • Optimal Customer Support
“The Nextup team has been the best support I think I’ve ever had from a vendor or someone providing us a service ever. Having that direct connection with them in Slack is huge.”  - Jonathan Ahkondi

You can watch the full customer testimonial video with Jonathan Ahkondi, Senior IT Solutions Engineer at Rebellion Defense in the video below. 

1:00 Pain points prior to implementation
3:10 Why they chose HelpDesk+
5:10 Implementation and user feedback
7:16 Biggest benefits using HelpDesk+
8:20 Their favorite features and functionality
9:20 How HelpDesk+ transformed the approval process
12:14 Time saving benefits
13:59 Experience working with the Nextup team

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