Slack first Support
your team will love

HelpDesk+ makes it easy for IT, Security, Legal, Finance and Support teams that field questions via Slack to track process and outcomes easily.

No context-switching, no prompts to log in and no switching over to email and other tools.

  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduce context switching
  • Increase helpdesk engagement

You’re in good company 👍

  • Fastly
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Mass Mutual
  • rakuten
  • Samsung
  • Workiva
  • Mercari

How does Slack
first support work?

  • An employee needs help from IT, Security, HR, Facilities, or other teams.
  • The employee contacts your team in your messaging platform.
  • The message is used to create a support request with a simple click.
  • The team communicates to gather further information and resolve the issue.
  • Activity is synchronized automatically to your back-end system.
  • Outcomes are improved and metric accuracy increases.

Meet users where they’re already working

Support Channels

Easily track and resolve issues

Your support team is receiving messages in channels and directly from help seekers on your team. Using chat to get support feels natural and frictionless.

With HelpDesk+, Slack becomes your main channel for user support which delights your team and simplifies your process.

Your managers are also happy because back end systems are kept up to date automatically and issue tracking is improved.

Create support requests from Slack with message action
Global Action

Get support from anywhere

Getting the help you need has never been easier than clicking a button in Slack. No context-switching, no prompts to log in, and for their IT teams, no extra maintenance burden.

Choose Create support request to instantly a get the help you
need from anywhere within Slack.

Create support with Global Actions
Slack snycronization

Slack discussion with automatic synchronization

Save your team on switching and improve user satisfaction with the support process by keeping everything in Slack.

Employees and agents discuss requests in Slack threads to quickly gather additional information and get requests resolved and everything that happens is automatically copied to Jira or Jira Service Desk.

When the request is satisfied the ticket is updated with a simple button click to prevent the need to switch context and login to another system.

View Request History

Security & Privacy

Want to learn more about security and privacy? read more here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? contact us and we will be happy to help.

Can I try Helpdesk+ before I buy?

Sure! All plans come with 14-day free trial, no credit card needed.

How are Slack users defined?

We use the Slack API to determine the number of users on your Slack team in the workspace where the bot was installed. Pricing is based on your team size in Slack.

How are payments secured?

We have partnered with Zoho to provide a PCI compliant secure payment solution. You can learn about the payment security at Zoho here. Payment data is never stored on Nextup servers.

Can I update my billing contact?

Yes, please login to your account and select your premium bot and then fill out the form to updated or edit your billing contact.

How do I update my credit card?

Please login to your account and navigate to the billing page to update your credit card details.

What is your refund or satisfaction policy?

In short we do everything we can to ensure you are happy. We believe our customer satisfaction policy is very user friendly. We hope you agree – read the full policy here

How can I manage my account and settings?

Please login to your account to manage your account and settings.

Does it work with Jira Server and Data Center?

Yes, we fully support Jira Server instances on version 7.0 and above. We also have solutions for self hosted Jira Server instances that run behind the firewall with our enterprise edition offering. Learn more about enterprise edition

How are request forms configured?

Helpdesk+ communicates with the Jira Service Desk and/or Jira APIs to get the fields you already have configured and mirrors the fields automatically in Slack. No configuration is required.

What if our Jira is behind a firewall?

Behind the firewall Jira Server instances can work with our service. We have static IP addresses that can be white listed in the firewall and we offer a self-hosted version with our enterprise edition. Learn more about enterprise edition

What about a self hosted enterprise version?

We have options for larger organization from private servers, self hosted, non credit card payment options and more. Learn more about enterprise edition

How does security work?

The solution utilizes secure connections based on OAuth security to connect Slack to Jira. Once the connection is established the Slack APIs find matches to specific patterns in your channels where the bot has been invited. If a match is found an API call is made to Jira to take action. All matching is done in memory and no logs are stored. We take your security and data privacy seriously. Learn more about our security practices or read our privacy policy

Do you offer discounts for students and nonprofits?

Nextup supports students, nonprofits and charities and offers a 25% discount on annual plans. Contact support at or chat with us below for details around how we can help you!