Help Employees Help Themselves.

  • Resolve internal issues faster.
  • Intelligently connect customers with answers and internal support resources.
  • Automated conversation management and ticket creation.
  • Continuously improve user experience without the operational overhead.

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HelpDesk+ uses intelligent automation to streamline the internal support process.

Our bot-based assistant allows users to resolve their own issues. Self-help enables your support team to operate efficiently and support the right customers.

Instead of organizing your ever-expanding internal knowledge repositories, let natural language processing do the work for you. Help your employees help themselves.


How does HelpDesk+ work?

  • Customer asks HelpDesk+ a question
  • HelpDesk+ queries your knowledge repository
  • The customer is provided multiple potential solutions
  • If no solution, they are automatically matched to a support person.
  • HelpDesk+ automates channel creation and ticket management in realtime.
  • Platform records and archives the conversation to improve future answers

Streamline Communication

Resolve issues without interrupting the workflow.

No need to wait a day until you receive the answer.


Supercharge Your Ticket System

Remove repetitive tasks for your support team.

Let them focus on efficiently helping the right customers.


Maximize Productivity

Our self-help AI reduces the time needed to help customers, manage tickets, and answer common questions for future employees.


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