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Now in Beta - Automate your process and streamline your workflows with Meeting+

Automated Project Management

Elevate your project mangers and automate your process. Integrated with the tools you already use and smarts to make things efficient.
You focus on strategic, we handle the rest.

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Please Note: Jira Integration+ is required to use Meeting+ at this time.

What is Meeting Plus?

Meeting+ automates your meetings and integrates with your tools to drive efficiency in your process.

Nextup Scrum - The Slack bot that runs standups and integrates with Jira.

How does it work?

Meeting+ makes you more efficient by gathering data and getting everything updated prior to your meeting.

Find and update tickets assigned to wrong user

Collect the information you need before your meeting starts

Message meeting participants to gather answers to your configured questions with friendly reminders to ensure you get the data you need.

Integration with your systems and artificial intelligence to check for potential issues and suggested actions.

Keep issues on track

Give users quick suggestions and easy to use actions to automatically clean up problems.

For instance, an in progress issue might be missing a remaining estimate and need updated to keep plans accurate.

Look at remaining estimates and status.
Look at remaining estimates and status.

Simple actions without a switching gears

Simple questions and easy to use buttons and dialogs simplify the process for your team.

Stay in your chat program and make updates in seconds without wasted time context switching.

Keep everyone up to speed

Smart alerts keep everyone on the same page and let's you know what is happening. Automatically keeps the meeting organizer informed on potential action items and suggested actions.

Automating the mundane elevates your project managers to focus on higher value activities.

Look at remaining estimates and status.
Look at remaining estimates and status.

Keep things organized with inline reports

When utilizing Slack for the enterprise chat application reports are sent as post messages into your channels. This makes them searchable and persistent but not intrusive in your channel or space hogs.

Reports summarize your status and highlight issues and actions taken to keep things moving. The data captured is then utilized when you have your meeting. The meeting still happens - but is much more efficient.

Meeting time is used to review the report and discuss ways to continue to move forward. No more time waiting for someone to come off mute to report status.