Enterprise Edition

Our full Integration+ feature set behind your firewall.

Jira Integration+ Enterprise edition is a secure, self-hosted solution for companies with internal security policies that prevent cloud apps.

  • Self-host our platform with Docker
  • Private server instances with EKM
  • Fully featured integration
Integration Plus Enterprise

How it works

Integration Plus Enterprise

Everything you love about Jira Integration+ hosted in your environment or on a private server.

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Coming soon to Teams

Our team has crafted simple, yet secure deployment solutions to make your setup process seamless.

  • Jira Integration+ Enterprise can be delivered one of two ways: via private self-hosted instance OR via private server model.
  • The Nextup customer service team is happy to provide configuration assistance during setup.
  • Once deployed, our team has zero access to your credentials, data, or conversations.
  • We offer remote support to help troubleshoot issues but do not have the ability to access your on-premise information.
  • Our team provides comprehensive agreements to ensure legal compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Can I try Enterprise before I buy?

Yes, but self-hosted instances require time to set up so we offer a paid trial to cover our time spent helping you get set up. We also agree on the subscription and terms before the trial begins to ensure everything is worked out before we start.

How are multiple Jira instances handled for licensing?

Enterprise licenses include an unlimited number bots and jira connections.

How is data stored?

The application stores in persistent storage outside of the container. We offer a number of different database options.

What about compliance reports?

We have a SOC II report that we can share under non disclosure agreements.

What is the pricing model for enterprise?

Licenses for Enterprise Edition are based on the number of Jira users across all of your workspaces.

Note: Docker instances require a self-hosting license in addition to the per user license.

What is your refund or satisfaction policy?

In short we do everything we can to ensure you are happy. We believe our customer satisfaction policy is very user friendly. We hope you agree – read the full policy here

Does it work with Jira Server and Data Center?

Yes, we fully support Jira Server and Data Center instances on version 7.0 and above.

Do I have to use Enterprise with Jira Server?

No, Enterprise is for special use cases or customers that can't or won't use cloud services. Self-hosted Jira instances that are behind the firewall can work with our service. We have static IP addresses that can be white listed in the firewall to allow access.

How does the technology work?

We are happy to provide our whitepaper which provides details on our technology to help you better understand how our Microsoft Teams to Jira solution works - Schedule a demo

How does this work? How is it secured?

The solution utilizes secure connections based on OAuth security to connect Microsoft Teams to Jira. Once the connection is established the Microsoft Teams APIs find matches to specific patterns in your channels where the bot has been invited. If a match is found an API call is made to Jira to take action. All matching is done in memory and no logs are stored. We take your security and data privacy seriously. Learn more about our security practices or read our privacy policy

Do you respect Jira permissions?

Yes, when users take actions with the bot a secure OAuth connection is made at the user level. This allows the solution to check permissions of the user when making updates. You can also specify that you want all users to authenticate before getting ticket information via configuration.

What access does Nextup have?

In short - none. We deliver the docker container and instructions and then help via our detailed instructions and remote meetings to setup your container. We have no access to your instance and use legal agreements to ensure compliance on usage.

How do you handle payments?

Enterprise customers pay via a PO and Invoice with settlement via ACH transfers. Customers are billed annually during the standard 2-year term and subsequent renewal terms.