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Soon you'll be able to integrate Jira with Teams to streamline your process. Create, assign, manage and close tickets without ever leaving Teams.

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Jira ↔ Teams

Built from the ground up to work in Microsoft Teams so you can manage Jira projects without switching context.

Create and update from Teams easily and keep your team moving.

Works with Jira Server, Cloud, and Data Center.

Streamline Communication

Tabs, Connectors, CLI, Personal Notifications

Reclaim your productivity

Don't leave the conversation context and risk reduced focus & forgetfulness. Your Jira workload is visible within Teams and any updates you need to make are a click away.

Research shows that the average worker losses 130 hours a year simply switching between apps.

List of Jira issues in Microsoft Teams tab

Clear your inbox of Jira emails

Let's face it, nobody reads emails from Jira. The volume of messages and frequency of alerts creates inbox clutter and reduces awareness.

With Jira Integration+ intelligent alerts for individuals and teams in channels replace the clutter and increase awareness and productivity.

Streamline Communication

Security & Privacy

Want to learn more about security and privacy? read more here.