Meet Morgan.
Your new meeting organizer.

  • Morgan makes meetings better.
  • The smartest stand up bot with deep Jira integration.
  • Makes intelligent suggestions to keep your team on track
  • Creates a searchable log of meeting activities.
  • Track team performance over time.

Morgan streamlines your meetings.

Integration Plus


  • Automated collection of status updates
  • Integrated with Jira to make smart suggestions
  • Collect, Summarize, and Report Status Updates
Integration Plus


  • Pushes meeting questions to attendees
  • Creates an easy to understand summary
  • Shortens stand up meetings
Integration Plus


  • Daily updates summarized in Slack
  • Team statistics and response rates
  • Searchable response summary report

Meetings will never be the same again.

Tightly integrated with Jira.

Morgan is connected to Jira and knows the issues you are working on. When it comes time to report your daily status Morgan suggests relevant issues and checks your responses to make sure everything is in order.

Yesterday Suggestions

Fix issues, without switching context

Morgan finds potential issues and suggests changes to issues to keep everything up to date. The suggestions appear in Slack with easy options to clean things up.

Easy updates, no context switching.

Transition without switching context

Shorter meetings

Morgan automatically collects status updates before the meeting so that you have a bird’s eye view of where all the moving parts are before the call even starts. You will never again waste your time with unprepared and unproductive meetings. Morgan won’t let it happen.

Understand Productivity

Don't waste time herding cats

Morgan helps keep the board clean and ensures your team is working on prioritized tasks, keeping issues updated and time logged.

This allows your scrum master to focus more on strategic activities and less on reminding the team to make simple updates.

Daily reports as Slack messages

How Morgan
got her name?

The team at Nextup were at an Atlassian Conference. They were explaining the new integration they were creating - it would automate meeting invites, consolidate notes, and facilitate questions. Without blinking an eye, an engineer at a leading gaming company answered.

That's Morgan! She does those things for our team. She doesn’t mess around. She keeps us moving.” This instantly struck a chord. How could there be any other name?

Stop having unproductive meetings.
Let Morgan help.


is short for

“Meeting Organizer”