AI Powered Scrum Project Management Integration

Use the power of Scrum to elevate your project mnanagers and automate your process. You focus on strategic, we handle the rest.

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Nextup Scrum - The Slack bot that runs standups and integrates with Jira.

Built by Nextup Jira Integration+

Our popular bot is used by over 5,000 teams of all sizes to control of Jira right from Slack.

How does it work?

Nextup Scrum automates your agile workflow and takes care of everyday tasks automatically saving your team time and money!

Find and update tickets assigned to wrong user

Scrum runs the daily process

Ensure everyone is online, get updates from resources, friendly reminders to keep others updated.

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Keeps issues on track

Scrum ensures current issues are assigned correctly, have remaining estimates, kept in the right status and part of your current sprint.

If issues are found they are handled automatically.

Look at remaining estimates and status.
Look at remaining estimates and status.

Makes it easy for your team

Easy to use buttons and simple questions simplify the process for your team. Click a button in your chat program and get everything updated in seconds.

Keeps everyone up to speed

Smart alerts keep everyone on the same page and let's you know what is happening. Now your managers focus on higher value activities.

  • Available resources
  • Overloaded
  • Blocked tickets
  • Incorrect estimates

Look at remaining estimates and status.

Daily Reports in Chats

Searchable daily reports can be sent to a channel or user.

Click image below to see the full report  

Nextup Scrum - Detailed daily scrum reports.

How it works

Nextup Scrum runs your daily scrums by direct messaging your users and reporting back to a specific channel or user.

1. Setup Scrum

type nextup scrum to the bot to begin the process.

2. Set your Configs

Setup your team, scrum time, questions and specify where scrum summaries should be posted

3. Get Moving

The bot runs the scrum process by asking you users the questions you specify.