Friday June 26, 2020

Type: Incident

Invalid Error Notifications

A customer reported on June 25, 2020 that they had received an issue update from a user that is not an employee.

We investigated the issue and found a defect in the application that caused error messages to be combined across teams in an invalid way.

What happened

  • A customer created a comment and transitioned an issue in Jira and the comment contained a special character that cannot be displayed in Slack.
  • The special character was detected and replaced with an error message indicating the comment could not be displayed.
  • The error was sent to the customer that contained the transition and the error.
  • A subsequent customer then added a comment that also contained a special character.
  • The system did not properly clear the prior error from cache and combined the updates and sent a message to the second team which indicated a change from an invalid user.

We located the place in the logic that was not properly clearing the prior messages and resolved the issue.

The hotfix was deployed on June 26, 2020.

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