Service level agreement

Effective: April 7, 2018

We know that service interruptions hinder productivity and disrupt your workflow. We've set a high bar for service uptime because we believe that you should be able to depend on Nextup and run your business worry-free.

  • Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for customers on premium plans guarantees a 99.9% monthly uptime.
  • We designed our SLA to be clear and easy to understand and make our uptime information readily available.
  • If we fall short of our 99.9% uptime guarantee we'll apply credits for the period Nextup was down.

SLA Definitions

Our goal is to keep things clear and easy to understand so here are some definitions of the elements of our SLA.


This is the number of minutes Nextup was unavailable. At Nextup we use 3rd party monitoring software to measure the server error rate, ping test results, web server response times and website tests to determine if our service is unavailable.

At the end of each month, we add "downtime" periods together to calculate the overall monthly "downtime period". We aim to keep our SLA simple by tying our guarentees to a single uptime number.

Some things don't count towards downtime. Here are some examples:

  • Issues related to uptime at Slack, Atlassian, Microsoft Teams or your privately hosted infrastructure for Jira Server.
  • Expired tokens, disabled bots, missing configurations or incomplete setups
  • External network problems outside of our control
  • "Scheduled Downtime" for maintenance


This is the percentage of total possible minutes Nextup was available to you. Here’s how we calculate this:

Total possible minutes – downtime minutes = monthly uptime

Scheduled downtime

Sometimes we need to perform maintenance to keep Nextup working smoothly. If scheduled downtime is necessary, we’ll give you 48 hours advance notice. In a calendar year, scheduled downtime won’t exceed 24 hours.

Service Credit

If we fall short of our 99.9% uptime guarantee, we'll apply a credit on your next renewal based on the amount you paid for the service during the monthly period we failed to meet our guarantee. To get your credit you can email us at and we will provide your discount code assuming we have not met our SLA.

These credits will be in the form of discount codes and according to the section below:

Uptime Range & Associated Credit:

  • 99.9% - 99.5% → 5% Credit
  • 99.4% - 99.0% → 10% Credit
  • 99.0% - 90.0% → 15% Credit
  • Less than 90.0% → 20% Credit