Jira Integration+
vs. Jira Server Alerts

Jira Integration+ creates a two-way connection between Slack and Jira that allows your team to take action from alerts and much more.

See what's different to understand why thousands of teams using Jira Server or Data Center choose to subscribe to Jira Integration Plus.

Jira Dashboard in Slack

Why choose Jira Integration+ over Jira Server Alerts?

See what makes Jira Integration+ the most powerful integration between Slack and Jira.


Jira Server Alerts

Jira Integration+

Channel Notifications
Get notified in Slack when updates are made to your Jira issues.
Personal Notifications
Get notified in Slack when work is assigned to you or when someone else works on issues you raise or you are mentioned in a comment.
Comment, Assign, Transition
Make updates to Jira issues from Slack with buttons and actions.
Issue expansion
Get additional details on issues in Jira when they are mentioned in Slack channels.
App Home
Jira dashboard in Slack to manage your day without switching context.
Global Shortcut
Simplify the issue creation process with the global create issue shortcut.
Issue detail view
View issue details with all your fields and quick actions when you want to make updates.
Create issues from files
Turn your screenshots, files and videos into Jira issues and attach the media to Jira automatically.
Custom Field Support
Support for all of your fields when creating or editing issues in Slack.
Search Jira
Search for issues in Slack get details and make updates.
View comment history
View existing comments when adding to discussion to get the full picture of the issue.
Create issue defaults
Simplify the issue creation process with default configuration for project and issue type and field presets.
Smart Notifications
Reduce notification clutter with message consolidation and anti-spam technology.
Issue collector mode
Set a project and issue type for users to simplify the issue logging process for all types of users.
Capture mode
Skip the copy/paste and synchronize Jira comments with Slack discussions.
Bulk Assign
We got tired of assigning issues in Jira so we made it faster and did it all in Slack.
Populate Stories
Create sub-tasks for your stories via a reply to a Slack thread.
Manage users with access to configure channel notification and issue creation settings.
App Home View

Jira Dashboard for Slack

Skip juggling tabs and get up to speed in seconds on your app home screen.

  • Create, find, assign and comment

    Commonly used actions are at your fingertips to save you from switching.

  • View lists of issues

    Check on your workload or look at your teams status with simple filters and up to date issue data.

Learn how to use the home tab
Jira home screen to view, create and update issues from Slack
Global shortcut

Create Jira issues from anywhere within Slack

Easily create new Jira issues from Slack to prevent tab juggling and keep your day moving.

With a click of the lightning bolt button next to the message input, it’s easy to pull up the shortcuts menu and quickly create tasks — right from Slack.

Learn how to create Jira issues from Slack
Creating a Jira issue from Slack using a global action
Issue Detail view

View issue details in Slack

Manage your issues and get the details you need to keep your issues moving, all from Slack.

Quickly see status and important details and add comments, transition, re-assign and more without switching context.

Learn how to manage your issues from Slack
View all Jira issue details in Slack

Create issues from shared files

Create or update your issues with screenshots, files, videos and more with our Slack action. Simply click on the message and create your issue and your media is attached to Jira automatically.

Learn how to create Jira issues from media
Create Jira issue from media files in Slack
Field Support

Create Jira issues from Slack

Don't leave the conversation context and risk reduced focus & forgetfulness. Create Jira issues right from Slack with support for your custom fields.

  • Easily capture defects

    Add media to Slack to share with your team and use our Slack action to create a new issue in Jira and automatically attach the file.

  • Simplify your process

    Make issue creation easy for everyone on your team to keep everything organized.

Create issues without switching context
Streamline Communication

Configurable Fields in Slack

Keep your issue creation process simple with advanced configuration options to show or hide fields based on your preferences.

Control the fields shown for each project and issue type when creating Jira issues from Slack.

Learn more about advanced configuration features
Configure Jira fields displayed in Slack

Find Jira issues from Slack

Save on switching costs by finding issues that already exist in Jira to prevent duplicates and get the latest updates. Look at individual issues and search by user, sprint, project and more to easily find what you need.

Find Jira issues in Slack without switching context

Channel Defaults

Choose a specific issue type for your channels to reduce confusion and allow issue creation by anyone on your team.

Set up your administrators who have access to manage channel configurations to prevent changes you don't want.

Allow your team to create Jira issues from Slack with a simple button click.

Streamline Communication
Smart Notifications

Alert your Team.

Stay on top of your work with notifications that are configured for exactly what you need to know and automatically keep everyone in sync.

  • Configurable Team Notifications

    Enable your teams to configure alerts in channels based on the teams preference. Reduce burden on Jira administrators to manage configurations for your teams.

  • Anti-Spam Functionality

    Use our thread mode to get a daily summary of updates with the details tucked nicely in a thread. No more bot distraction in your communication

  • Get Dialed in

    You can get notified in Slack when things change in Jira, as well as set up notifications across projects. Filter what you need with easy options and advanced JQL support.

Learn more about configuring notifications
Channel notifications in Slack for Jira issues
Comment in context

View other comments

View existing comments to get the full picture when adding your thoughts.

This simple sounding feature greatly reduces confusion and keeps your team on the same page.

View comment history in Slack

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