Create Jira Issues from Slack

Easily create new Jira issues from Slack to prevent tab juggling and keep your day moving.

We support multiple ways for you to create new Jira issues with support for all your custom fields and configurations and automatic mirroring of your forms in Jira.

Works with Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud instances.

Streamline Communication

Create Jira issues from anywhere within Slack

As Slack users transitioned to remote work this past month, they’ve nearly tripled the rate at which they integrate tools — leaning on apps to reduce context-switching and inspire new, more productive habits.

With a click of the lightning bolt button next to the message input, it’s easy to pull up the shortcuts menu and quickly create tasks — right from Slack

Creating a Jira issue from Slack using a global action

Configurable Fields in Slack

Keep your issue creation process simple with advanced configuration options to show or hide fields based on your preferences.

Control the fields shown for each project and issue type when creating Jira issues from Slack.

Configure Jira fields displayed in Slack

Channel Defaults

Choose a specific issue type for your channels to reduce confusion and allow issue creation by anyone on your team.

Set up your administrators who have access to manage channel configurations to prevent changes you don't want.

Allow your team to create Jira issues from Slack with a simple button click.

Streamline Communication

User Defaults

User's configure Jira Integration+ to create issues in the most frequently used project allowing for quick issue creation from Slack for the most commonly used action.

Quick issue creation in frequently used projects reduces a context switch for these users and cuts into the 130 hours a year spent on average in switching.

User default for creating Jira issues from Slack