Jira Dashboard
for Slack

Slack recently introduced an application home tab. This allows each individual users their own personal dashboard.

We took advantage of this feature to allow your team to have a customizable view into their Jira boards.

Your team can decide what tickets they care about, and gives them yet another way to interact with Jira, from Slack.

Jira Dashboard for Slack

Create, Find, Assign, Comment

Create issues quickly. Utilize Jira's search functionality from Slack. Quickly assign tickets, and easily add comments.

Give your team the Jira tools they need, all from quick/easy controls in Slack.

Full Ticket Control

Direct Access to Your Tickets

Quick, direct access to the tickets you care about.

Each user has full control of what tickets they see. Take action from Slack on your Jira tickets.

App Home Tickets

Customizable for Everyone

Empower your team to define what tickets matter to them.

Each app home supports multiple views. Alternatively each user can write customer JQL and set as their filter.

Full Ticket Control

Full Ticket Control

Managing tickets is even easier. All controls and updates are available from the app home screen.

Quickly see status and important details, or edit, comment, log time. All quickly from within Slack.

View all Jira issue details in Slack