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Break down barriers and clear email clutter

Slack alerts not Jira emails

Let's face it, nobody reads emails from Jira. The volume of messages and frequency of alerts creates inbox clutter and reduces awareness.

With Jira Integration+ intelligent alerts for individuals and teams in channels replace the clutter and increase awareness and productivity.

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De-clutter your Inbox

Project teams in sync

As teams organize into projects in Jira and Slack they use Jira Integration+ to keep everyone on the same page.

The alerts tells everyone what has changed but are 2-way so you can update Jira right from Slack.

Notifications are just the start. With Integration+ the team easily creates new issues, captures discussions into Jira, pulls reports into Slack and much more.

Jira home screen to view, create and update issues from Slack

Eliminate information gaps

Stop asking
"Did you see that issue"

How many times a year do you ask someone if they saw an update in Jira?

With Jira Integration+ your Jira workload is visible within Slack and any updates you need to make are a click away.

Our customers report a significant reduction in missed or delayed issues by simply upping the awareness.

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Jira home screen to view, create and update issues from Slack

Create and update issues now, not later

Update Jira from Slack

Create and update Jira issues right from Slack to keep the project on track

Stopping context switching makes it more likely that users will remember to log new bugs and keep their issues updated.

Putting updates at users fingertips makes Jira more accurate and helps you deliver results.

Create issues without switching context
Streamline Communication

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