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Connect your Jira tickets to channels in Slack

With our Jira Slack integration you can create channels in Slack and sync them with a specific issue in Jira.

Everything that happens in Slack and in Jira is automatically synchronized.

Now your incidents can be more aligned and less stressful.

Connect Jira issues to Slack channels.
Devin from Cloudera
"We have increased our communication and greatly reduced inbox noise for our team."

Devin Parker

Collaboration Strategy and Tools Manager at Cloudera

Capture Slack messages to Jira with emojis

Use Emojis to stop the copy & paste

Use 🐛 to capture messages and 📷 to capture threads into new or existing issues in Jira.

Never copy & paste from Slack to Jira again!

Phen Seang
"Eliminates duplication and allows work to become highly visible. Very positive experience!"

Phen Seang

IT Governance & Compliance Lead at US Auto Parts

Connect your Slack workflows to Jira

We support Slack workflow builder and have a workflow step to create a Jira issue in your workflow.

Create Jira issue in Slack workflow
Evn Tomeny
"We are saving tons of time by just not copying and pasting between Slack and Jira."

Evn Tomeny

Senior Manager of Enterprise Collaboration, iRobot

Jira Integration+ vs Jira Cloud for Slack

See what you can and can't do with a Slack Jira cloud integration


Jira Cloud for Slack

Jira Integration+



Get notified in Slack when updates are made to your Jira issues. Support for channel based and personal notifications.

Comment, Assign, Transition

Make updates to Jira issues from Slack with buttons and actions.

Issue expansion

Get additional details on issues in Jira when they are mentioned in Slack channels.

Slack Workflow Integration

Create Jira issues in your Slack workflows.

Create Jira issues from your custom Slack workflows by integrating our "Create Jira issue" step.

Create Jira issue in Slack workflow

Dedicated Channels

Create a channel in Slack to discuss a specific Jira issue.

Dedicated channels

Use dedicated channels to sync the conversation happening in Slack with the issue in Jira. Also keep users in Slack updated when the issue is changed in Jira.

Capturing Slack discussion to Jira

📷 Capture for Threads

Capture an entire thread in Slack into a new or existing Jira issue.

Capture Thread

Get the full picture by capturing a discussion in a thread into an issue in Jira.

Use an emoji to capture a Slack thread

Issue details dialog

View issue details with all your fields and quick actions when you want to make updates.

View and update from Slack

Click on the view button on any issue and get a full view of the issue with options to comment, assign, transition and more.

Viewing a Jira issue from Slack

Create issues from files

Turn your screenshots, files and videos into Jira issues and attach the media to Jira automatically.


Add an emoji to an issue shared in Slack and create an issue in Jira with the file attached.

Create a bug in Jira with an emoji

Custom Field Support

Support for all of your fields when creating or editing issues in Slack.


Integration+ supports all your fields in Jira, not just the default fields.

Create a jira issue with custom fields supported


Create custom reports based on advanced Jira searches and share matching issues with your team automatically.


Schedule a report to let your team know about relevant issues that effect their workload with scheduled reports.

Schedule a report of Jira issues in Slack

View Comments

View existing comments when adding to discussion to get the full picture of the issue.


Get the full context of the discussion on issues directly from Slack.

Add a comment to Jira issue from Slack

Smart Notifications

Reduce notification clutter with message consolidation and anti-spam technology.


Automatic consolidation of near time events stops channel spam and reduces distraction.

Slack notifications for Jira issues
Enterprise Functionality

Configure Displayed Fields

Choose the fields you want to show users in Slack when they create Jira issues.

User Roles & Permissions

Manage users with access to configure channel notification and issue creation settings.

Admin Dashboard

View statistics on team usage of functionality.

Global Emoji Mapping

Define mapping between Emojis in Slack to create issues in Jira

Channel Configuration Grid

View a list of channels where the app has been configured and review settings.

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