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Connect your existing scrums to Meeting+

Meeting+ connects and prompts developers to provide daily updates based on current and past Jira activity across all relevant projects.

Automatically fix issues in real time.

Stop wasting time cleaning the board during each meeting.  With Meeting+ your team is prompted to updated issues based on their responses.

Review the report and shorten your scrum

With all the responses collected and the board cleaned you are ready for your scrum meeting. 

Just review the report with the team to share insights and keep everyone moving.

Meeting+ vs Geekbot

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Multiple Report Views

Select from a meeting overview, the responses for a specific user, or list each Jira issue mentioned in meeting responses

Automatically Link to Jira Tickets

All Jira issues mentioned in a report are linked, providing a quick and easy way to dig deeper

Stay Informed of Blocking Issues

Meeting+ reports call out blocking issues, highlighting them for quick consumption

Meeting Functionality

Create Multiple Meeting Types

Choose from a variety of pre-configured meeting types

Connect to Jira

Interact with Jira to improve meeting suggestions

Ticket Suggestions

Using the Jira connection, receive ticket suggestions to enable you to answer your standup questions without context-switching

Select Jira Boards for Each Scrum

Enhance ticket suggestions by telling Meeting+ what Jira boards are applicable to each meeting

Create Meetings Within Slack

Keep focused by creating meetings without leaving the Slack context

Ticket Update Suggestions During Meeting Response

Make sure your information is kept up-to-date with context-sensitive reminders to assign, transition, or log time to tickets

Bot Home Tab

Quick-Create Scrum

One-click access to creating a new scrum

See Upcoming Meetings

View all upcoming meetings in one easy-to-read space

See Completed Meetings

View completed meetings, and review or edit your answers

Bot Messages Tab

Get Meeting Reminders

Get reminded when you have an upcoming meeting

Respond to Meeting from a Slack Message

Submit your answers directly from a Slack message

Meeting Deletion Notifications

Get notified when someone deletes a meeting for which you are listed as a participant

Explore Meeting+ workflows or create your own

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