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Stride Integration for The Enterprise

Stride Jira Integration that fits the needs of large organizations and replaces legacy HipChat integrations. Delivered via a docker container that you self-host in your environment. We help you setup remotely but never access your production instance.

Stride Jira integration with Docker

Nextup sits in the middle of external and internal networks and connects everything with OAuth over SSL connections.


What about behind the firewall setups?

The docker instance requires public connectivity to connect with Stride APIs and respond to incoming calls from button clicks and Stride dialogs. It connects internally on your intranet to Jira APIs to provide the functionality. Your Jira instance is never exposed publicly.

How does the license work?

Licenses for Enterprise Edition are enterprise wide licensees for unlimited Stride and Jira users. The license is available on a 2 year term with an optional 1 month paid trial.

How many users can we have?

Enterprise licenes include an unlimited number of users in both Stride and Jira.

How is data stored?

The application stores connection information for Jira and Stride and user based authentication data in persistant storage. We currently offer MongoDB and MSSQL storage engines.

Will you fill out all of our forms?

Yes - sort of. We are happy to provide our technology white paper, fill out supplier diversity forms, give you our W-9, etc. We have setup a page to answer all standard security questions and we provide access to you for self-service. If you can't find something there we can fill in the gaps. Learn more about our security architecture.

How much is it?

The Enterprise offering is more expensive than our cloud solution to cover our time spent filling out your docs, helping with setup, manually creating subscriptions, etc. Contact Us for a quick demo and pricing discussion.

Does it work with Jira Server?

Yes, the solution is fully compatible with Jira Server 5.2 and greater with limited support for Jira Server versions prior to 5.2.

Why not just use the standard version?

Please do. We prefer that you sign up for our secure self-service cloud based solution. Enterprise is our answer to organizations with special use cases, extra security concerns, etc.

How does the technology work?

We are happy to provide our whitepaper which provides details on our technology to help you better understand how our Stride Jira solution works - Contact Us

What access does Nextup have?

In short - none. We deliver the docker container and instructions and then help via our detailed instructions and remote meetings to setup your container. We have no access to your instance and use legal agreements to ensure compliance on usage.

How do you handle payments?

Enterprise customers pay via a PO and Invoice with settlement via ACH transfers. Customers are billed annually during the standard 2-year term and subsequent renewal terms.

Tell me more about security

We thought you would never ask... Check out this page to answer security questions. Keep in mind these represent our policies and with self-hosted you can apply your own security policy.