Data Residency


Data residency for Nextup allows global teams to choose the region where certain types or data at rest are stored.

  • This functionality is available to customers with enterprise plans.
  • This feature is available for our products for Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • You will need to contact our sales team to set up data residency.

Note:  The data residency feature does not change any aspects of Nextup's products other than the data storage location. We will continue to process all other categories of data in accordance with our terms of service and privacy policy.

Where is data residency for Nextup available?

We offer data residency options for customers in the following regions:

  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Tokyo, Japan

How does data residency work?

Customer's with applicable plans are provided URLs for our locally hosted instances of our software and create their apps in the locally hosted region. Our team connects remotely to the locally hosted instance to provide customers with support but no data is transferred back from the locally hosted instance.

What data is stored in the data region?

The following categories of data will be stored at rest in a data center within the Customers' selected region as of the data when the customer is migrated to the locally hosted instance.

  • Configuration data
  • User records
  • Usage meta data

What data is stored outside the data region?

The following categories of data may be processed and stored in regions outside of the Customers's data region:

  • Customer support profiles
  • Data used to measure seat count, usage, and revenue
  • Data used for analytics and to measure quality of service, ex. sanitized logs

Data Migration

We don't currently offer a process to migrate existing data to our locally hosted instances. Instead we remove the data that is subject to our data residency offering from our default hosted instances and help you reconnect to the regionally hosted instance.

Enterprise Key Management (EKM)

We offer bring your encryption key options with EKM with our enterprise self-hosted or private server instances.