Intuitive Support in Microsoft Teams with HelpDesk+

Automate your ITSM processes inside Mircrosoft Teams with HelpDesk+

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Get CSAT feedback in Slack when user issues are resolved.
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Conversations converted into easily tracked tickets

Nobody wants to go to the portal to get help.  

Your support team can easily track work without needing to copy & paste with our Microsoft Teams help desk integration.

Show internal comments in Slack to Agents only.

Synced both ways, always.

HelpDesk+ mirrors your service desk automagically in Slack. Everyone works where they want and all conversations and important updates are synced in real-time.

Streamline your ticketing system & approval process

Route tickets that required approval to the manager as a Teams message with any easy buttons to approve or reject the request.

Eliminate approval backup in emails.

Approve tickets in Slack
Users help themselves by finding internal documentation.

Intelligent self-help in Microsoft Teams

Direct users to known solutions in your knowledge base to solve issues instantly.  Self-service eliminates many unnecessary tickets and frees up your support agents.

Track tickets in real time and speed resolution 5x

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