Connect your teams and streamline workflows.

Our best in class Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations provide engineers, product, support and sales teams the efficiency they need.


Slack or Teams connected to Jira with Integration+

Upgrade your workflows and improve efficiency with our best-in-class integration for teams who use Jira.

Enterprise, two-way integration.

Devin from Cloudera
"We have increased our communication and greatly reduced inbox noise for our team."

Devin Parker

Collaboration Strategy and Tools Manager at Cloudera

Connect Slack and JSM with HelpDesk+

Automate your ITSM processes inside Slack with HelpDesk+ for Jira Service Management.

Stop copying chats to tickets.

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Emily Mckee Photo
"It allows us to work entirely within Slack without switching."

Emily McKee

Compliance Officer at RaceRocks 3D

Connect Slack and Confluence with Docs+

Connect your wiki to Slack to capture relevant discussion to Confluence and get notified when wiki pages are updated.

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"Easy to install and use from the box. Powerful and after 10 hours of testing no complaints found"

Darya Tarasova

Senior Carrier Relations Manager at Brilliant Telecom

Connected daily scrums with Meeting+ 

The first scrum app that connects to your boards in Jira and knows what you worked on.

Experience 50% faster scrums.

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Harvard business review logo
"Every minute spent in a wasteful meeting eats into time for solo work that’s equally essential for creativity and efficiency"

Stop the meeting madness

Harvard Business Review

Connect Slack and Pipedrive with Deals+

Make go to market teams more productive with alerts, updates and actions right from Slack.

Sync chats in Slack with Pipedrive.

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"Switching costs may be just a few tenths of a second per switch, they can add up to large amounts when people switch repeatedly back and forth between tasks."

Multitasking: Switching costs

American Psychological Association

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