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As Slack users transitioned to remote work this year, they’ve nearly tripled the rate at which they integrate tools — leaning on apps to reduce context-switching and inspire new, more productive habits.

When working with development teams at the world’s top organizations, we realized they tend to apply a lot of the same practices.

We’ve distilled the best workflows from our work with these leaders into one lightweight, easy to use toolbox that is now accessible to everyone.

Jira Integration+

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"Jira Integration+ has increased our communication and greatly reduced inbox noise for our team."

Devin Parker
Collaboration Strategy and Tools Manager at Cloudera

We meet users where they’re already working

According to The State of Work research 64% of aligned workers report spending 30 minutes or more each day simply switching between apps.

Development teams worldwide rely on Jira Integration+ to prevent switching between Slack and Atlassian Jira.

Using Slack to manage tasks significantly reduces the need to switch to Jira saving 1,000s of hours of time.

Jira home screen to view, create and update issues from Slack

As real-time messaging becomes more prevalent in the workplace, companies are looking for solutions that are embedded within the team messaging tools they’ve already invested in.

HelpDesk+ moves internal support to Slack, greatly simplifying your process and making teams happier.


Poorly organized meetings were estimated to cost U.S. businesses $399 billion in 2019.

Currently in a free beta, Morgan aims to make meetings more efficient and helps to eliminate unneeded meetings.

We started with the daily scrum meeting. With Morgan the scrum meeting is shorter and the board stays accurate.

What we do.


Reduce the amount of work done by staff. Minimize the time needed to complete your work.


Minimize roadblocks to effective communication. Keep others informed in the simplest way possible.


Use industry leading models to simplify complexity. Allow for standardization and organize your internal processes.

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Our Solutions:

  • Streamline communication
  • Declutter your inbox
  • Maximize productivity

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