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create task just had a great idea +priority high

assign MKT-196 @jenny

log 1h mkt-189 completed integration

I am working on MKT-124 and MKT-901

overdue marketing

@nextup :


Slack + JIRA in Love

Log time JIRA + Slack
Create Issues

Create tickets in JIRA directly from Slack

Save Time JIRA + Slack
Time Savings

Manage JIRA directly from Slack and save time on every ticket.

know JIRA priority in Slack
Know Priority

Stay up to date on what’s going in your projects, sprints and personal backlog.

Add JIRA comments in Slack
Add your Thoughts

Comment on issues directly from Slack with an easy command.

Alter JIRA issues from Slack
Effect Outcomes

Vote for issues from Slack to add priority to engineering teams.

Do even more for JIRA in Slack
And That’s Not All!

You can also slice, dice and julienne fries with this badass bot.

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Just a few of the JIRA features of this Slackbot

Things to try

For full details on how to use the JIRA slackbot view commands help

I am working on JIRA ticket SLK-102 today

Always Listening for JIRA Ticket References

create task update website +priority high

Create JIRA issues, bugs, stories, etc directly from Slack

assign SLK-101 @susan

Assign JIRA Tickets from Slack

project SLK

 JIRA Project Tickets Summary

Log 1h 30m SLK-201 JIRA Slack references page

Log time to JIRA tickets with comments in Slack

tickets @jason

 JIRA Tickets by User (Cross Project)

comment SLK-901 This page says JIRA a lot

Comment on JIRA tickets in Slack

project MKT @dre

Tickets by User – JIRA Project Specific

watch SLK-128

Watch a JIRA ticket from Slack

my issues

Find JIRA tickets assigned to Me

overdue SLK / overdue @jennifer

JIRA tickets that are overdue in Slack channel

For full details on how to use the JIRA bot for Slack view commands help