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Jira Integration for Slack

Jira Slack Integration

We offer the most comprehensive Jira Slack Integration available with Jira Integration+ for Slack. Our Jira bot for slack makes keeping things up to date quick and easy. Join the over 5,000 teams saving money with less context switching.


The AI powered project manager. The Scrum bot automates your agile process and elevates your project managers. The platform takes care of the agile housekeeping and keeps everyone on the same page. Never work on the wrong task or have idle resources again.

Find and update tickets assigned to wrong user

The best thing about Nextup is you can create a ticket and upload screenshots in seconds right from Slack. Great customer support! The bot is quite impressive! Every startup, entrepreneur, solopreneur should consider using Nextup with Slack. Must have!

Rajeev S

Assuming it takes 10 seconds to copy a Jira issue ID out of slack, switch to the browser, and navigate (manually — yuck) to that issue URL, we save 10 seconds number of issue mentions number of affected people in the team each day. Well worth the price

Zack S

Being able to condense quick cards or placeholders into a single sentence command is great for adding feature and bug cards during testing/retrospective discussions. Being able to quickly see an issue summary when discussing with team mates is very helpful.

Anthony A

Saves me about an hour a day logging tickets, adding and viewing comments. And it completely overhauled our Bug reporting / logging process for the non-technical members of my team. Instead of telling me 50 bugs a day, they use a simple slack command to log them.

Benjamin P

We love Nextup and use in all our channels. It’s a breeze to log time against an issue with quick access across all our numerous projects. Our teams enjoy the features of sharing tasks, transitioning them through the workflow, assigning and logging hours – all in the context of an ongoing discussion.

Heidi H