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Jira Integration+


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Hours Saved

"We have increased our communication and greatly reduced inbox noise for our team."

Devin Parker
Collaboration Strategy and Tools Manager at Cloudera

78% saw improved support for remote workers


Easily manage Jira from Slack

Jira Integration+ is built from the ground up to work in Slack so you can manage Jira projects without switching context.

Create and update from Slack easily and keep your team moving.

Works with Jira Server, Cloud, and Data Center.

Streamline Communication


Hours Per Year

Two-thirds of respondents report saving over 300 hours a year using Atlassian and Slack

ITSM in Slack

Delight your users with Slack first support for Jira Service Desk.

HelpDesk+ stops the tab-tango and allows your team to easily track all of your requests without switching context.

Slack first support everyone will love

Synchronized Slack and Jira Service Desk


Solution to increase productivity

"Best Slack integration for Jira out there! Very robust, and has increased our overall productivity"

Blake Morris
Blake Morris
SaaS Operations at Workiva

Have better meetings

Morgan maximizes your meetings and keeps everything organized.

Run standups, retrospectives and custom meetings right from Slack with built in AI that reduces wasted meeting time.

Streamline Communication
Solutions Solutions

Our Solutions:

  • Streamline communication
  • Declutter your inbox
  • Maximize productivity

We stay busy streamlining workflows.

We let our clients speak for us!

“Increased our overall productivity. Recommended if you're looking to integrate Jira in with Slack.”


Blake Morris

SaaS Operations at Workiva

”I create issues with the bot before the page in Jira would even load”


Simon Jiménez

CEO at Midlight

”Because of this product we use Jira more, and stay on top of our collective tasks better”


Thomas Vladeck

Atlassian Marketplace

“Allowing teams to configure notifications themselves saves me a ton of time.”


Enrique Cadalso

Senior Technology Lead at Blended Perspective

”We absolutely love that we don't have to go into Jira to create, update, transition, etc.”


Sarah Hamilton

TSP Consulting

”Eliminates duplication and allows work to become highly visible. Very positive experience!”


Pheng Seang

IT Governance & Compliance Lead at US Auto Parts

“Just awesome! We have changed how we work with Jira and we are now more effective.”


Javier Fernandez Sainz

Product Owner at Zooplus

”We save 10 seconds per issue mention per person each day. Well worth it!”


Anton Khilapov

Architect at Eltrino

”Seriously the best integration for Jira and Slack.”


Roger Tristan

Atlassian marketplace

“This Jira integration is full-featured and makes updating Jira issues lightning fast from Slack.”


Deb Cinkus

CEO at Polished Geek

”Made our team's life so much easier in filing tickets and tracking issues directly from channels.”


Sarang Ratanjee

Director at Kountable, Inc.

”We use the app instead of the out-of-the-box Slack plugin, it's just amazing”


Volodymyr Rudyi

CEO at AgileVision