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Why chose Integration+ over off-the-shelf options

“It was one of those product experiences where you wonder “why doesn’t everything work this way?”

Karl Meisterheim

Senior Engineering Manager, a leading online giving platform for churches, recently looked for a solution to integrate Jira with Slack. They have a large engineering department with many various product teams and they needed a workflow that allowed their team to make automated requests through Jira into Slack so everyone had visibility into important projects. 

“We needed a solution that prevented us from having a thousand Slack DMs that everyone lost track of,” said Karl Meisterheim, Senior Engineering Manager. “We wanted to have a system where we could capture who the reporter was, what system it was for, and a couple of pieces of meta-data we wanted to send into Jira.” 

Shortcomings with the off-the-shelf integrations

Initially, opted to use free integration solutions available in the marketplace. They first tested out the free workflow through Slack and then automation through Zapier, but struggled to find a good fit. 

After testing various options they quickly realized they had issues.

“The off-the-shelf solutions, nothing worked,” said Meisterheim. "There were a lot of little bugs and glitches. Either the request didn’t come through or they came through, but the fields didn’t map the way you would expect them to."

The team began to reassess their options and look for a more robust solution.

Integration+ was the simple, effective solution needed

While searching for a solution, one of the engineers brought Jira Integration+ to the team. They started a free trial and were pleased with how easy the setup was.

“My first response was, “wow they really nailed it.”

"It just does what it needs to do and it does it right. It makes sense and it gets out of your way,” said Meisterheim.

The customization that Integration+ offers was the perfect fit for what was looking for. “Integration+ made it easy in terms of how we set certain fields so the tickets showed up in Jira in a way the team was able to work with easily. “ quickly became a subscription customer and began rolling the integration out to their various teams. “They were delighted. Everyone really liked it. Integration+ has been painless for us to use. It’s simple, easy and our team trusts the results.”

Time-saving benefits across development and CX teams

Even after just a few months of use, has seen tangible time-saving results since implementing Integration+. Their engineers have seen improvements in project visibility, communication, and their ability to resolve requests faster. “We are definitely saving time. For the team receiving the tickets, they don’t have to track down DMs, they don’t get pinged by many different engineers wondering what happened to their request.”

The team in the customer experience department now has a simplified way to report and escalate customer issues in Slack. “For folks making the requests, it's super simple and it saves them the time of being able to interface with Jira through Slack without having to log in or spin up that particular project.” looks forward to exploring more of the one-click, emoji features within Integration+ and has also made plans to use Meeting+, our Slack + Jira integration for daily scrums, to further automate and simplify how their teams work. 

You can watch the full testimonial interview with Karl, Karl Meisterheim, Senior Engineering Manager above. Here are the interview highlights:

0:47’s need for enhanced integration

2:39 Issues with the off-the-shelf solutions

3:33 Pain points for leadership and engineers

4:25 First reactions using Integration+

6:37 Engineering reactions to Integration+ 

8:54 Time-saving benefits across teams

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