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How iRobot Transformed Support to Meet Users Where They Are

"We have stopped copying and pasting between Slack and Jira Service Management"

Evn Tomeny

Senior Manager of Enterprise Collaboration

When the pandemic shifted support all online, iRobot utilized HelpDesk+ to move IT support to Slack, resulting in less manual work, faster ticket resolution and more satisfied users.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, support at iRobot was mainly taking place in person via quick walk ups. Once their workplace shifted to being all remote, these in-person interactions became all online. This change in their operations came with some major pain points including:

  • Support threads getting lost
  • Increased manual work tracking support progress
  • Difficulty tracking the IT team’s successes
  • User frustration and confusion

The iRobot team turned to Nextup’s HelpDesk+ integration to help streamline the way they were providing support.

“We were already providing support in slack so it was an obvious need that we had to be able to take those conversations that were happening in slack and generate tickets. " Joe Doherty

Leveling Up Support

After implementing HelpDesk+, iRobot’s support process improved as they were able to meet their users where they already were - in Slack. The two-way integration between Jira and Slack allowed their IT team to better track issues, resolve issues faster and eliminate unnecessary manual work.

Probably the single person who appreciates this integration the most is a senior support tech on our team named Lindsey. 

Previously at the end of every day she was tasked with going back to that channel and basically taking all the support requests and copying and pasting them in the tickets both so that they didn’t get lost but also so that we could report on them. 

"She no longer has to do that. She’s able to support a lot more users and I’m sure she likes the end of her day a lot better,” Evn Tomeny.

From a user perspective, the simple interface of HelpDesk+ within Slack resulted in a much faster ticket resolution as response times skyrocketed once alert emails became Slack notifications. 

Further, by giving users the ability to create tickets with easy one-step processes, like using an emoji, iRobot found that they were able to support more users with better satisfaction. The move from in-person support to Slack first support via HelpDesk+ allowed iRobot to meet customers where they already were interacting.  


With a currently all-remote workforce, iRobot has been able to successfully transform their IT support system to be all online. They are seeing benefits across the board as they better meet their users needs by allowing them to get support in Slack.

“Prior to integration we were seeing about 15% of our tickets were generated through Slack... now we’re closer to 70% of our tickets being generated in Slack“

Key Results:

  • Time saved: All around from creating tickets, to responding to tickets to resolving tickets, iRobot has seen time saving benefits.
  • Perception change: Prior to HelpDesk+ the support process was disjointed. HelpDesk+ gives people an official system for asking for support directly from Slack.
  • Better tracking. More support: By eliminating the need for manual logging through automated tracking, HelpDesk+ has allowed iRobot to better report on success metrics and free up time for agents to support more users.
  • User and team satisfaction: Through a simplified and streamlined IT process, iRobot is better at meeting the needs of their users and reducing frustration among their IT team.

Watch the full interview

You can watch the full testimonial interview with Evn Tomeny, Senior Manager of Enterprise Collaboration and Joe Doherty, Principal Business Systems Analyst.

Here are interview highlights:

  • 0:42 Overview of HelpDesk+
  • 1:48 Why did iRobot choose HelpDesk+?
  • 3:27 How was the onboarding process?
  • 5:33 Has HelpDesk+ improved users experience?
  • 7:03 Has HelpDesk+ improved the IT team’s experience?
  • 9:36 Does using HelpDesk+ save your team time?
  • 11:12 What features does iRobot like the most in HelpDesk
  • 14:11 What are the biggest benefits iRobot has seen from using HelpDesk+?
  • 16:09 What has iRobot’s experience been working with the Nextup team?

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