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Take your support workflows to a new level and eliminate copying & pasting to JSM


Synced both ways, always.

HelpDesk+ mirrors your service desk automagically in Slack. Everyone works where they want and all conversations and important updates are synced in real-time, improving productivity.

Lameck Oliviera photo
"HelpDesk+ has become a critical application for our service teams, our users and management layers."

Lameck Oliveira

Senior Atlassian Consultant at Moxie

Streamline your approval process

Route support tickets that required approval to the manager as a Slack message with any easy buttons to approve or reject the request.

Eliminate approval backup in emails.

Jonathan Akhondi
"Our customers are very happy that we decided to make ticketing work for them in the environment they love most, Slack."

Jonathan Akhondi

Senior IT Solutions Engineer at Rebellion Defense

Intelligent self-service support

Direct users to known solutions in your knowledge base to solve issues instantly.  Self-help eliminates many unnecessary tickets and frees up your support agents.

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"After looking into all the solutions in the Atlassian Marketplace we've decided to go with HelpDesk+"

Arik Liber

VP of Research and Development at MyndYou

HelpDesk+ vs Halp

See what you can do with HelpDesk+ to supercharge your support workflow.





Slack first support

Create, discuss and resolve support issues all in Slack


Helpdesk+ brings support agents and users together in Slack to streamline your process.

Automated Self-Help

Automatically help users with connections to support documentation to auto-resolve issues.


Direct users to knowledge bases to get help automatically.

Ticket updates in Slack

Users get notified in Slack when their issue is updated anywhere


Get alerts in Slack when issues are updated.

Approvals in Slack

Send users messages in Slack when requests require their approval with buttons to approve directly.


Approve requests directly from Slack.

Auto Remind or Auto-Create

Configure actions from the app per channel to align with your process


Choose how you want the app to work in each channel.

User Satisfaction Surveys

Send CSAT surveys to users in Slack when their support requests are resolved


Get feedback from your users directly in Slack

Automatic two-way synchronization

Update issues from Slack or Service Desk with automatic synchronization of all messages, status updates, and more.


Update issues anywhere with automatic syncronization

Share files Slack ↔ Jira

Add files to Slack and see them in Jira. Update from Jira and get notified in Slack.

Dedicated channels

Use dedicated channels to sync the conversation happening in Slack with the issue in Jira. Also keep users in Slack updated when the issue is changed in Jira.

Capturing Slack discussion to Jira

Maintenance free integration

Automatically synchronize requests types from Jira Service Desk to Slack without additional configuration.

Capture Thread

Get the full picture by capturing a discussion in a thread into an issue in Jira.

Use an emoji to capture a Slack thread

Agent Notifications & Actions

Alert agents in Slack when requests are created and update the request right from Slack.


Add an emoji to an issue shared in Slack and create an issue in Jira with the file attached.

Create a bug in Jira with an emoji

Insight Objects & Elements Connect

Solve for asset management with support for Insight fields and pre-built connection with Elements connect


Get the full context of the discussion on issues directly from Slack.

Add a comment to Jira issue from Slack

Off Hours Support

Send users a custom message when you are not working to let them know how to get help


Automatic consolidation of near time events stops channel spam and reduces distraction.

Slack notifications for Jira issues
Enterprise Functionality

Configure Displayed Fields

Choose the fields you want to show users in Slack when they create Jira issues.

User Roles & Permissions

Manage users with access to configure channel notification and issue creation settings.

Admin Dashboard

View statistics on team usage of functionality.

Global Emoji Mapping

Define mapping between Emojis in Slack to create issues in Jira

Channel Configuration Grid

View a list of channels where the app has been configured and review settings.

Explore workflows to take your support to a new level

Issue deferment in Slack with Knowledge-Base integration

Streamline ticket resolution by enabling users to find documented answers quickly.

Approve Requests from the Helpdesk+ Home Tab

Easily approve or deny requests assigned to you from the Helpdesk+ Home Tab.

Automatically Respond to Messages in Support Channel

Automatically respond when a user sends a message to a support channel.

Automatically Create Jira Issues In a Slack Support Channel

Automatically create issues when a user sends a message to a support channel

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