Connect Slack and Confluence to jumpstart productivity

Elizabeth Batman

It's typical for product designers and engineers to have a lengthy software stack they work with, often causing them to have to switch context often. Did you know on average, people take nine and a half minutes to get back into a productive workflow after switching between digital apps?

That is a ton of wasted time when you work with 5+ apps every day. At Nextup, we’ve made it our mission to help you regain that lost time and bolster your productivity with software designed to let you do more of your work inside Slack or Microsoft Teams. 

We’re excited to launch our new app Docs+, which creates a two-way connection between Confluence and Slack.

Confluence and Slack integration

Confluence is an important tool for organizations to keep track of their important knowledge and collaboration, but how they update and manage their wikis is not always intuitive. It often involves a lot of copying and pasting from Slack or even worse, wikis end up not containing the full picture when content is left in Slack discussions. 

Our new app eliminates these issues by allowing you to manage your wikis from Slack. No more switching context, no more missing information, and best of all, no more copy/paste time sucks.

Here’s a deeper dive into how it works:

Save Slack content directly to your wiki

Docs+ enables you to easily save your important information from Slack threads, messages, or channels to your wiki so you never lose essential content. You have control over what content is saved, whether it creates a new page or is added as a comment to an existing page, and more. Oh, and attachments and images save as well! 

Share knowledge quickly in Slack to keep work moving

With Docs+ you can locate content in your wiki and share it through Slack channels or direct messages without disrupting your workflow. Using slash commands in Slack you are able to search your wiki, pull up the document you need, and share, comment, star or edit it directly in Slack. 

Stay focused with Confluence alerts in Slack

We use intelligent notifications to alert you in Slack any time you are mentioned on a wiki page. You are able to view the mention and comment back or star the page without leaving Slack. 

If you want to see a full product Demo, we recently did a live Docs+ demo on LinkedIn, which you can watch below. 

If you work frequently in Confluence and also use Slack, Docs+ will help you regain that time lost switching context. By being able to view, share, create and manage your wiki without leaving Slack, your productivity and collaboration will reach new heights.

Try it out for free for 14 days and let us know what you think! 

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