IT Teams: How to Work More Efficiently using Emojis

Elizabeth Batman

Modern IT teams know it’s important to use innovation and emerging software to optimize complex workflows, but sometimes the most impactful process improvements can be the simplest. For example, an emoji.

An emoji??? 🤔

Yes! Believe it or not, something as simple as an emoji can serve as a process hack that can save your team hours of time. If your engineering or support teams use Slack, emojis can be the key to unlocking warp-speed efficiency for developers, support agents, and even customers. 

Our apps take complex processes, that involve multiple steps and switching context between software, and turns them into single-click actions using the power of emojis in Slack. Here’s how that works across three different emojis.

  1. Create support requests in threads using 🎫 

Agents and customers alike can easily create a support ticket that is mapped to an issue type in JSM by simply adding the ticket emoji in any Slack thread or message. 

Based on the specific channel settings you control, HelpDesk+ knows that any time a ticket emoji (or any emoji you designate) is added to a thread, it creates a support request in that specific request type in JSM. 

When the emoji is added, the app will automatically create a ticket that has all relevant information from that Slack thread in it. Visa versa, any edits made to the ticket in JSM will be reflected back to the user in Slack. 

This is a great way to quickly capture requests happening in Slack to JSM, so no information is lost and work can keep moving without disruption. 

  1. Capture Slack threads in Jira with 📷

Development teams can harness the time-saving power of emojis to easily capture important discussions in Jira with the camera emoji. 

With Jira Integration+, any time the camera emoji is added to a thread, the app will automatically add relevant messages from Slack to a new issue or existing issue as a comment. The user is able to determine which messages get added, and which to leave off, so only the important information appears in Jira.

Using the camera emoji enables engineering teams to track important information in Jira without having to manually copy/paste it from Slack to Jira. The result is fewer information gaps and better efficiency, which helps deliver projects faster.

  1. Log bugs with screenshots from Slack using 🐛

IT teams can easily track Slack threads around bugs, including adding screenshots or attachments, in Jira using the bug emoji and Jira Integration+. 

The app makes it easy to add files, and attachments to new or existing Jira issues without any manual copy/paste. Users simply add the bug emoji to any message with one or more files or attachments, and the app will automatically add those files to the Jira issue of your choice. 

This a simple way for development teams to speed through the QA process without missing bugs or wasting time manually transferring Slack threads into Jira issues.

Emojis can be a great way to eliminate the manual work associated with tracking important information being shared in Slack over to Jira or JSM. Our apps make it easy to eliminate unnecessary steps by simply clicking an emoji, leading to less information lost, better collaboration, and faster project delivery.

Try it Helpdesk+ for support teams or Jira Integration+ for engineering teams now for free and let us know how much time you save!  

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