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Logan Vantrease

Slack Virtual Hackathon for Best Use of the App Home Tab

4/29/2020 – Toledo, Ohio — Slack recently hosted their first Virtual Hackathon to help educate app developers on a new range of tools. Nextup’s meeting bot, Morgan, won the Slack App Virtual Hackathon for best use of the app home tab.

The Slack leadership team has unveiled three new developer tools in 2020 – granular permissions, modals, and the app home tab. This home tab is a default location within Slack for users to learn how to interact with apps, bots, and integrations without ever leaving Slack.

If the app supports it, users can access an App Home for every Slack app they use. It’s a private one-to-one space shared by the user and the app that can be fully enriched with deep interactivity. Slack describes it as “the combination of a fixed location for a persistent interface with dynamic content”.

As asynchronous communication becomes more vital to productive workflows, the introduction of the app home tab is a welcome change to many religious Slack users. Morgan meetings previously required synchronicity as participants needed to answer meeting-related questions at the same time. The app home update allows users the freedom to respond to these questions on their own time.

“Nextup utilizes the power of app home and the APIs that Slack has provided to create a rich and interactive experience that feels more like an application than a messaging program.  With app home, developers can bring rich experiences to Slack that were not previously possible.   The changes for app home submitted with Morgan in the hackathon take this interactivity to the fullest extent possible with Slack,” said Co-Founder Nick Cron.

Morgan is deeply integrated with Jira to ensure that standup meetings are efficient and their resulting actions are measurable. As Slack continues to enhance their productivity offerings, remains consistent in its goal of simplifying both automation and collaboration within the platform.

About creates solutions that save time, increase productivity, and foster effective communication through automation, collaboration, and standardization. As a Slack bot developer, is responsible for the production of Jira Integration+, Morgan, and HelpDesk+.

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