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Powerful Jira Integration for Slack

Supercharge your workflow and keep everyone in sync easily
with Jira Integration+ for Slack.

Create, edit, update and track from Slack and get notified when
things change in Jira.

Works with Jira Server, Cloud and Data Center

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Powerful 2-way Integration keeps your team Moving

Jira Integration+ provides an easy and comprehensive way to integrate Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center with Slack. Teams from all over the world are using Jira Integration+ to streamline their processes.

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Client - WeWork
Client - Grubhub
Client - Samsung
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See how our Slack Jira bot integrates your team and improves your daily workflow.

Advanced features to keep things moving

See how the advanced features of Jira Integration+ make it easy to improve your workflows.

Get lists of issues by project and take action with dialogs and buttons

Simple and intuitive dialogs allow you to quickly create and update issues without switching context and loosing time.

Action buttons on tickets connect common actions on issues like assign, comment, log work and update. Change what you want and keep your day moving.

Stay on top of your projects with notifications and scheduled messages

Create a simple notification for your group and automatically keep everyone in sync or have the bot tell you your assigned issues automatically

Get notified in Slack when things change in Jira and configure to get updates only when you need them.

Get notifications across projects and filter what you need with easy options and advanced JQL support.

Simple commands make things easy

Keep everything updated with easy to use commands for common actions and tasks. Engineers love how much time it saves them and managers love not asking for updates.

Ask the bot and it will update Jira on your behalf in seconds inline with your conversations.

Find what you need and make easy updates

Get the info you need from Jira easily with pre-built searches for projects, sprints, assignments and your issues.

For instance, the enhancements list project manager might want to find the latest requests from customers and assign some tickets to the team and check their workload.

Users like you, who use Jira Integration+ to keep things moving

Nextup Jira Connector recognized in Productivity Bots based on user reviews

My developers addiction to this bot is like meth. We use it in every channel and it's the #1 tool in our kit.

Austin E

Our team absolutely loves this above anything else on slack, Everytime someone mentions a JIRA ticket the nextup bot tosses up a summary with link and capabilities which is such a small thing but with SUCH a major impact on our productivity.

Craig F

The best thing about Jira Integration+ is you can create a ticket and upload screenshots in seconds right from Slack. Great customer support! The bot is quite impressive! Every startup, entrepreneur, solopreneur should consider using Nextup with Slack. Must have!

Rajeev S

Assuming it takes 10 seconds to copy a Jira issue ID out of slack, switch to the browser, and navigate (manually — yuck) to that issue URL, we save 10 seconds number of issue mentions number of affected people in the team each day. Well worth the price.

Zack S

Being able to condense quick cards or placeholders into a single sentence command is great for adding feature and bug cards during testing/retrospective discussions. Being able to quickly see an issue summary when discussing with team mates is very helpful.

Anthony A

Saves me about an hour a day logging tickets, adding and viewing comments. And it completely overhauled our Bug reporting / logging process for the non-technical members of my team. Instead of telling me 50 bugs a day, they use a simple slack command to log them.

Benjamin P

We love Jira Integration+ and use in all our channels. It’s a breeze to log time against an issue with quick access across all our numerous projects. Our teams enjoy the features of sharing tasks, transitioning them through the workflow, assigning and logging hours – all in the context of an ongoing discussion.

Heidi H

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  • Supercharged Slack Jira Integration to create, edit and manage
  • Compatible with Jira Cloud, Server and Data Center
  • Slack users 1001+ included for free
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • PCI compliant payments
  • 25% Discount for non-profits and academic institutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this free?

No, we are a premium service that provides a best in class integration between Slack and Jira. There are free options available that provide a limited set of functionality. We keep our price extremely low and feel confident that we deliver value greater than your investment.

Can I specify part of my Slack team?

Our bot is installed for your entire Slack team and can be utilized by any user on your team. Pricing is based on your Slack team size not individual users.

What is a user for billing purposes?

We check Slack for active users before each billing date and bill based on currently active users. You receive a copy of the invoice each month. If you have any issue contact us at billing@nextup.ai

Do I have to pay to try?

Enjoy all the Jira + Slack integration features we offer for 30 days with no credit card required to try.  Lets get started!

How are payments secured?

We have partnered with Zoho to provide a PCI compliant secure payment solution. You can learn about the payment security at Zoho here. Payment data is never stored on Nextup servers.

Can I update my billing contact?

Yes, please login to your account and select your premium bot and then fill out the form to updated or edit your billing contact.

How do I update my credit card?

Please login to your account and fill out our form to request a payment update. We will then send you a secure page to allow update of payment information.

What if I have more than 1,000 Slack users?

Teams with over 1,000 users are charged for first 1,000 users only. The rest of your users are included in your subscription.

Does it work with Jira Server and Data Center?

Yes, we fully support Jira Server instances on version 7.0 and above. We also have solutions for self hosted Jira Server instances that run behind the firewall with our enterprise edition offering. Learn more about enterprise edition

What if our Jira is behind a firewall?

Behind the firewall Jira Server instances can work with our service. We have static IP addresses that can be whitelisted in the firewall and we offer a self-hosted version with our enterprise edition. Learn more about enterprise edition

What about a self hosted enterprise version?

We have options for larger organization from private servers, self hosted, non-credit card payment options and more. Learn more about enterprise edition

How does this work? How is it secured?

The solution utilizes secure connections based on OAuth security to connect Slack to Jira. Once the connection is established the Slack APIs find matches to specific patterns in your channels where the bot has been invited. If a match is found an API call is made to Jira to take action. All matching is done in memory and no logs are stored. We take your security and data privacy seriously. Learn more about our security practices

Do you respect Jira permissions?

Yes, when users take actions with the bot a secure OAuth connection is made at the user level. This allows the solution to check permissions of the user when making updates. You can also specify that you want all users to authenticate before getting ticket information via configuration.

Discounts for students and nonprofits?

Nextup supports students, nonprofits and charities and offers a 25% discount on annual plans. Contact support at info@nextup.ai or chat with us below for details around how we can help you!

What is your refund or satisfaction policy?

In short we do everything we can to ensure you are happy. We believe our customer satisfaction policy is very user friend. We hope you agree – read the full policy here

Who is Nextup?

Nextup is a team out of Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. We started by building a bot that we wanted to use and decided to offer it to other teams. We believe integrating Slack and Jira is great way to show the power of bots and truly believe in the value we provide. Learn more about us