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Jira Integration Plus

Stop Switching
between Slack and Jira

The worlds best Slack Jira integration to save time, increase productivity, and foster effective communication.

  • Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud
  • Create Jira issues from Slack
  • Replace Jira emails with Slack notifications
  • Search Jira from Slack
  • Personalized Jira alerts in Slack

Trusted by:

Invision TD Ameritrade Mass Mutual rakuten Samsung Workiva


Increase in adoption

"Jira Integration+ has reduced the amount of missed or delayed issues to zero."

How it works:

Integration Plus

Streamline Communication

Create issues without leaving the conversation context and risk reduced focus & forgetfulness.

Integration Plus

Declutter Your Inbox

Replace your Jira emails with smart Slack alerts that give you all the info that you need, when you need it.

Integration Plus

Maximize Productivity

Stay on top of your workflow with custom notifications... configured for exactly what you need to know and automatically keep everyone in sync.

Stay updated on the go

With Jira Integration+ and the power of the Slack mobile app you can manage your Jira tasks from anywhere. No annoying additional login and app switching.

Just make the changes you need and get back to life.


Hours Saved

"Jira Integration+ has increased our communication and greatly reduced inbox noise for our team."

Losing time switching apps?

stay in context

Create Jira issues from Slack

Don't leave the conversation context and risk reduced focus & forgetfulness. Create Jira issues right from Slack with support for your custom fields.

  • Easily capture defects

    Add media to Slack to share with your team and use our Slack action to create a new issue in Jira and automatically attach the file.

  • Simplify your process

    Make issue creation easy for everyone on your team to keep everything organized.

Streamline Communication
stop email clutter

Clear Your inbox of Jira emails

Disable your Jira emails and get smart Slack alerts that give you all the info that you need, when you need it.

  • Configurable Slack Alerts

    Stay in the know with issues that are assigned to you, created by you, as well as ones that you are watching or mentioned in. You get to choose what you care about and how often you want to know.

  • Smart message grouping

    Choose a delivery frequency and receive one message with everything you need to know.

  • Take action from Slack

    Take action on your notifications to comment, assign, transition, and log work with a click.

De-clutter your Inbox
increase awareness

Alert your Team.

Stay on top of your work with custom notifications that are configured for exactly what you need to know and automatically keep everyone in sync.

  • Configurable Team Notifications

    Enable your teams to configure alerts in channels based on the teams preference. Reduce burden on Jira administrators to manage configurations for your teams.

  • Anti-Spam Functionality

    Use our thread mode to get a daily summary of updates with the details tucked nicely in a thread. No more bot distraction in your communication

  • Get Dialed in

    You can get notified in Slack when things change in Jira, as well as set up notifications across projects. Filter what you need with easy options and advanced JQL support.

Channel notifications in Slack for Jira issues

We let our clients speak for us!

“Increased our overall productivity. Recommended if you're looking to integrate Jira in with Slack.”


Blake Morris

SaaS Operations at Workiva

”I create issues with the bot before the page in Jira would even load”


Simon Jiménez

CEO at Midlight

”Because of this product we use Jira more, and stay on top of our collective tasks better”


Thomas Vladeck

Atlassian Marketplace

“Allowing teams to configure notifications themselves saves me a ton of time.”


Enrique Cadalso

Senior Technology Lead at Blended Perspective

”We absolutely love that we don't have to go into Jira to create, update, transition, etc.”


Sarah Hamilton

TSP Consulting

”Eliminates duplication and allows work to become highly visible. Very positive experience!”


Pheng Seang

IT Governance & Compliance Lead at US Auto Parts

“Just awesome! We have changed how we work with Jira and we are now more effective.”


Javier Fernandez Sainz

Product Owner at Zooplus

”We save 10 seconds per issue mention per person each day. Well worth it!”


Anton Khilapov

Architect at Eltrino

”Seriously the best integration for Jira and Slack.”


Roger Tristan

Atlassian marketplace

“This Jira integration is full-featured and makes updating Jira issues lightning fast from Slack.”


Deb Cinkus

CEO at Polished Geek

”Made our team's life so much easier in filing tickets and tracking issues directly from channels.”


Sarang Ratanjee

Director at Kountable, Inc.

”We use the app instead of the out-of-the-box Slack plugin, it's just amazing”


Volodymyr Rudyi

CEO at AgileVision

Security & Privacy

Want to learn more about security and privacy? read more here.

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Try us out for 14-days and subscribe anytime during your trial to keep your team moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? contact Us and we will be happy to help.

Can I try Jira integration+ before I buy?

Sure! All plans come with 14-day free trial, no credit card needed.

How are Slack users defined?

We use the Slack API to determine the number of users on your Slack team in the workspace where the bot was installed. Pricing is based on your team size in Slack.

How are payments secured?

We have partnered with Zoho to provide a PCI compliant secure payment solution. You can learn about the payment security at Zoho here. Payment data is never stored on Nextup servers.

Can I update my billing contact?

Yes, please login to your account and select your premium bot and then fill out the form to updated or edit your billing contact.

How do I update my credit card?

Please login to your account and navigate to the billing page to update your credit card details.

What if I have more than 1,000 Slack users?

Teams with over 1,000 users are charged for first 1,000 users only. The rest of your users are included in your subscription.

What is your refund or satisfaction policy?

In short we do everything we can to ensure you are happy. We believe our customer satisfaction policy is very user friendly. We hope you agree – read the full policy here

Does it work with Jira Server and Data Center?

Yes, we fully support Jira Server instances on version 7.0 and above. We also have solutions for self hosted Jira Server instances that run behind the firewall with our enterprise edition offering. Learn more about enterprise edition

What if our Jira is behind a firewall?

Behind the firewall Jira Server instances can work with our service. We have static IP addresses that can be white listed in the firewall and we offer a self-hosted version with our enterprise edition. Learn more about enterprise edition

What about a self hosted enterprise version?

We have options for larger organization from private servers, self hosted, non credit card payment options and more. Learn more about enterprise edition

How does this work? How is it secured?

The solution utilizes secure connections based on OAuth security to connect Slack to Jira. Once the connection is established the Slack APIs find matches to specific patterns in your channels where the bot has been invited. If a match is found an API call is made to Jira to take action. All matching is done in memory and no logs are stored. We take your security and data privacy seriously. Learn more about our security practices or read our privacy policy

Do you respect Jira permissions?

Yes, when users take actions with the bot a secure OAuth connection is made at the user level. This allows the solution to check permissions of the user when making updates. You can also specify that you want all users to authenticate before getting ticket information via configuration.

Do you offer discounts for students and nonprofits?

Nextup supports students, nonprofits and charities and offers a 25% discount on annual plans. Contact support at info@nextup.ai or chat with us below for details around how we can help you!

How can I manage my account and settings?

Please login to your account to manage your account and settings.