Connect Jira to Slack to run more effective daily scrums

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The daily scrum meeting is a crucial part of any agile development team's success, yet always ends up feeling like a pain in the you-know-what. Any developer will tell you that the process of joining a call, slogging through updates, and updating the scrum report is a less-than-ideal way to start a day.

A typical daily standup involves switching context to Jira to remember what was worked on, making sure tickets are in the correct status and that time is logged, ensuring that all tickets are mentioned, and then generating the daily meeting report.  More often than not the daily report is missing critical updates, lacks organization, and is hard to follow. Not to mention the amount of time wasted compiling updates and manually organizing them.

We recognized what a hassle this whole process was with our own internal team, and set out to modernize it with our app Meeting+.

In a nutshell, Meeting+ lets you run asynchronous daily standups by integrating Jira, Slack, and your scrum meeting. We used AI to integrate Jira and Slack to automatically help your team remember what they worked on, clean the board and run faster meetings with just a few clicks in Slack. Here’s how it works:

Easily log daily updates in Slack based on Jira activity

Meeting+ will prompt your team in Slack to update what they accomplished based on their Jira activity. Developers will get an alert in Slack asking them to confirm and move the status based on what they did in Jira the previous day. 

No more chasing updates or asking your team to log in to Jira to remember what they worked on. 

Keep Jira boards clean with intelligent auto-prompts in Slack

As developers log their daily updates, Meeting+ will automatically prompt them to update ticket status or log time to a ticket in order to keep the boards clean. The app helps to automatically fix issues in real time so you can stop wasting time during your standups cleaning the boards. 

Save time with the scrum summary delivered in Slack

Once updates are made in Slack, Meeting+ will automatically create a scrum summary of responses and deliver it in Slack. No longer will someone have to manually hunt down updates and copy/paste into an agenda. 

The result? Simple, easy, dare we say enjoyable (??) daily scrums. 

Schedule scrums across time zones

Meeting+ also lets you easily manage the scrum process for remote teams located across the globe. The configuration allows you to select the frequency of meetings, set a deadline for responses, and will automatically convert meeting times into the appropriate time zone for each user. 

This allows your team to focus on what matters- their work- without having to manually track the time zones of individual members.

Collect retrospective feedback with a few clicks

Stop wasting everyone’s time having a retrospective meeting to collect feedback on a sprint or project. Instead, Meeting+ lets you easily collect feedback in a simple survey delivered in Slack. 

Answers can even be delivered in an anonymous format to allow your team to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts about the successes and failures of the project or sprint.

Meeting+ was created with agile teams in mind, so you can stop wasting time on scrum prep and get back to the important work faster. You can try Meeting+ for 14 days free or watch a recording of a live demo to learn more.

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