Integrate Jira Service Management with Microsoft Teams

Elizabeth Batman

Since we launched Jira Integration+ for Microsoft Teams, we’ve had thousands of people use the app to simplify how they work with Jira and Teams. The feedback has been very positive as users explore how they can manage their Jira work without switching context out of MS Teams.

One question we’ve heard frequently though is, “What can I do with Jira Service Management in your app?” While Jira Integration+ was built to mainly integrate with Jira Software, there are some powerful workflows that users can utilize with JSM as well that we wanted to share.

JSM Workflow Integrations for Microsoft Teams

Create service requests from inside Microsoft Teams

Using Jira Integration+, service teams can quickly and easily create, update, and comment on service requests from inside of Microsoft Teams. The app allows users and agents to create tickets with just a few clicks without ever needing to switch context. This workflow demo outlines more.

View and edit Jira Service Management requests

Support teams can stay up to date with all their assigned requests right in Microsoft Teams using Jira Integration+. The app lets you quickly and easily create custom tabs in your support teams to show open and in-progress service requests. From there, agents can edit, reassign, or resolve support tickets inside MS Teams. Learn more in this workflow demo. 

These two workflows allow Jira Integration+ users to manage much of their JSM work inside Microsoft Teams, virtually eliminating the need to switch context to Jira. Studies show this type of integration can save agents two hours per week. By keeping the momentum of work moving in Microsoft Teams, support teams see fewer missed requests, faster response times, and improved customer satisfaction. 

The Future of Integrating JSM and Microsoft Teams

For support teams who are looking to do even more with JSM inside Microsoft Teams, we are working hard on our next app called HelpDesk+ for Teams. This integration will provide a more powerful two-way interaction between MS Teams and Jira Service Management. 

In addition to the ability to create, edit, view, and resolve Jira requests within Microsoft Teams, HelpDesk+ for Teams will feature intelligent auto-responses to common questions, knowledge-base integration, and easy internal approvals (among other features) all within Microsoft Teams.

Be one of the first to try HelpDesk+ for Teams by signing up for our beta list. We’re working hard to get this new app rolled out to our early adopters. 

We love feedback on our current pipeline, so if there are any features or functionality you’d like to see in a JSM and Microsoft Teams integration, let us know! 

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