Manage Jira issues from Slack

Take control of your Jira issues from Slack and greatly reduce the need to switch between Slack and Jira.

  • Full issue detail view
  • Make quick updates
  • View associated tasks
Manage Jira issues from Slack

Full Jira Ticket Control from Slack

Enable your team to fully manage all tickets from Slack

Create, edit, assign, watch, log time. Anything you can do from Jira, you can now do in Slack. Faster, simplier, and more efficient.

Our Slack-based controls allow for quick updates as well as a detailed view into the history of your tickets. You can also jump to the full web-view of any ticket.

Jira Ticket Control

Custom Fields and Associated Tasks

All of your custom fields are pulled in and displayed as part of the ticket display in Slack. No configuration or administrative management necessary.

You can also manage any subtask associated with your parent tickets.

Custom Fields and Associated Tasks